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    Bed Stake Hole Plugs

    As has been mentioned the rear stake holes are not factory plugged. I bought a set similar to post #4 above and they work very well. Snug flush fit and the only way to get them out is to tap them out from the underside. Keep the tail gate closed and they won't go anywhere. I think mine came...
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    Power running boards bent. Whats the fix

    Depending on how much you weigh try jumping on them. Sorry, couldn't help myself.
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    Battery Tray

    If you have a sealed battery acid leakage and /or corrosion shouldn't be a problem. I know we sometimes think the factory design folks are not the brightest bulbs but not having drain holes would have received much more attention from owners by now. I would leave the tray as is. BTW, the...
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    Battery dead?

    I've posted my times on dead battery issues and this forum is full of threads about this. I have a 2019 limited in which the OEM battery died, this is a common complaint. The easy, quick and cheap fixed is to ash can the OEM battery and replace it with an H8 AGM battery from a reliable...
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    Battery dying sitting in the driveway

    There are other lengthy threads in this forum about dead OEM batteries. I had the same problem as you all did. The easy and fast fix is to replace the battery with an H8 size AGM and be done with it. The original battery is size H7 but the tray is H8. I bought an interstate battery that cost...
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    Rear window leak question

    There is a very lengthy discussion, with pictures, on this forum. Search for cracked window frame and you will get all the info you want. In my case the cracked frame was on both sides of the sliding rear window. Run your finger nail down both sides of the frame and if it's cracked you will...
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    Air Suspension Height vs. Auto Step Height

    You have too much time on your hands. Happy Thanksgiving.
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    Trade In Value Surprise

    Another factor is interest rates. The more they rise the more folks are priced out of the market. Look at real estate. In my area which had ridicules price are now seeing price cuts on listing prices. Autos are no different.
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    Issues pumping Fuel in at a gas station

    A known issue starting with the 2019's. Do a search on the site for a discussion on this issue.
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    The dreaded rear area water leak! 2019 bighorn.

    For what it's worth, I have read more that a few posts that folks are replacing their leaking OEM third brake light with a new light from mopar which has a much better seal. My light doesn't leak yet but I have replaced a leaking cracked window frame. No idea what the new and improved light...
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    How to rise brake and gas pedal forward and back

    I could be wrong but I think if you go to the mopar web site you can download an owners manual for your truck. Try this link
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    How to rise brake and gas pedal forward and back

    Noticed you have a 2016 rebel. This is a 5th gen forum. You might want to check into the 4th gen forum or check your owners manual if you have one.
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    Newbie Q re. Batteries

    As others have mentioned you would be better off getting a new battery. I have a 2019 1500 limited (17k on the clock) and have had battery issues as my others have had. Instead of worrying if the battery will do its job, replace it. I ended up with an Interstate AGM 94R-H8 installed for...
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    Hydraulic Noise heard after shutting off engine

    You didn't say if you had air suspension or not. If you had a load in the bed and unloaded it is not unusual for the rear end to relevel itself. Depends on how much weight you were hauling.
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    Bull Ring anchor question

    Go to Click on your truck year and model and it tells you trimming is required and the installation video shows you how its done. They also give you the trimming tool bit to do it.
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    Cracked rear window frame

    I have a 2019 1500 Limited. In April 2021 the rear window and frame were replaced due to the cracked window frame which was still under warranty. Nothing was said about replacing the frame only which I doubt can be done without replacing the window also. Mine was not leaking but the cracks...
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    Front tire wear???

    Agree with WoodGuy. A quick google search finds that in most cases uneven tire wear is caused by poor alignment. Another cause of outside wear is under inflation. Some also point out that you maybe going in circles all day which causes outside wear.
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    Used Ram Pricing

    Do a search on auto trader in a radius of 200 miles from your zip code and see what's available.
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    Loud noise when reversing on cold start

    My 2019 limited had the same problem and it was the rear brakes. It is a well known issue and was covered with TSB05-002-19. The dealer does not have to replicate the noise.
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    Front Defrost and A/C in 2019 1500

    Yes, my 2019 limited does the same thing. When I hit the front defrost the rear defrost and ac also turn on. Turning the ac off returns me to the auto mode.
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    Slow filling gas tank

    Common issue. Search on this site using "gas filling" without the quotes. Lots of complaints about this.
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    Are there any actual RAM service writers or Techs on this forum?

    Try wading through this site to see if the tbs is listed
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    What’s the REAL Price of this RAM?

    The dealers lender requires that the loan stay in place (usually 6 months) before payoff or the dealer will have to return the kickback.
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    Good deal?

    Several things to know about dealer financing. As you found out, if you take the 0 interest option you can not take any other incentives they offer. If the dealer offers a low interest rate the lender will give the dealer a cash kick back. The trade off between zero financing verses cash...
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    Good deal?