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    Cooling System Refuses to bleed

    Man, I know this is a year or two ago but I am having the exact same issues with my 2016 Ram Truck 5.7 Hemi. Did you ever figure it out!? Changed the water pump (twice), changed the thermostats, ran without a thermostat, thought it was a blown head gasket but that test came back negative...
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    2016 Hemi 5.7 Overheating Tried Everything, I think.

    Bought a 2016 Ram with Hemi 5.7 at auction 2 weeks ago sight unseen. Overheated Immediately, managed to limp it home. Appeared to have new water pump installed already. Investigated. Appears to be no coolant circulation. 1. Removed t-stat, filled system up with coolant until it came out of...