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  1. Rlaf75

    greasin that hitch

    I never put anything on the ball. I never had a problem
  2. Rlaf75

    Check engine light still on after replacing cap

    P0152 & P0157 are bank 1 & bank 2 upstream O2 sensor codes indicating the engine is running very rich. P0440, P0456 & P0457 are EVAP codes. The engine could have a vacuum leak somewhere that's causing the EVAP & gas cap codes to keep coming back & depending on where that vacuum leak is it is...
  3. Rlaf75

    2001 dodge ram 1500 black smoke

    Black smoke is usually an indication that it's running rich. If the catalytic converter is not there then the oxygen sensors will not read correctly. Because they aren't reading correctly they will tell the computer to make the necessary adjustments which will be wrong because they are reading...
  4. Rlaf75

    2025 Toyota 4runner Trailhunter

    That's actually a pretty cool looking SUV. If I didn't have a Ram I think I would've gone to a Toyota dealership
  5. Rlaf75

    Hurricane durability questions?

    I'll be keeping my 21 5.7 non -torque as long as I can
  6. Rlaf75

    fix for non existant spray on windshield ?

    If you have any auto parts stores around you they should have the trim tools. I got a set from harbor freight for like $4 and they look exactly like the ones GTyankee posted
  7. Rlaf75

    FYI Window Washer Fluid

    Ive used rain-x in every vehicle i owned including both my rams and rain-x washer fluid is the only fluid I'll use. I never had a problem with it ever
  8. Rlaf75

    Looks like I'm never buying RAM again...

    I agree with the OP. Unfortunately it's the government forcing this type of things on the automakers. I'm not opposed to changes but at least keep the V8 as an option. I read in another group I'm in that the new hurricane I6 turbo only gets like 2 mpg better than the hemi. Real world mpg numbers...
  9. Rlaf75

    Temperature fluctuations

    As long as it's in the normal range you should be fine. You can also try flushing the cooling system and heater core if you wanted to
  10. Rlaf75

    Steering Noise

    Let them tell him that and if he's not satisfied with that answer then I'd tell him go drive another new 2500 on the lot to see if the same noise can be heard in that one as well.
  11. Rlaf75

    Steering Noise

    I'd bring it to your dealer and let them figure it out being a new truck. That's what warranties are for
  12. Rlaf75

    new guy checking in

    Nice! Congratulations and welcome aboard
  13. Rlaf75

    bicycle Vs Ram.

    I totally agree with this. People start to depend on these features then become too lazy and rely solely on them. I can't stand all of these "safety" features. The only time I use my backup camera is to get as close as possible to something when parking because my truck is long otherwise I still...
  14. Rlaf75

    What is the extra wire on the side mirror?

    That extra harness is for the blind spot or auto dimming option. If the glass has blind spot then you should be able to see a small faint triangle on the outer edge portion of the glass. If it is auto dimming then you should see a faint ring around the outer perimeter of the glass
  15. Rlaf75

    Re-Man Engine makes Exhaust sound different

    I hope this isnt your case and I really hope its not a Jasper motor because I agree 1000% with DILLIGAF . Jasper isn't known for their quality with any of their products. One of their long time sales rep's I used to deal with all the time when I worked at a local shop left them because of that...
  16. Rlaf75

    Dreaded crank no start on 97 Ram 1500 5.2 liter 4x4 automatic

    During your "checking and testing" did you happen to look at the fuse box to check for blow fuses? Possibly a pinched wire somewhere from the transmission swap
  17. Rlaf75

    My new 2024 RAM REBEL

  18. Rlaf75

    Broken wear window

    I believe the entire rear window needs to be replaced. Call your insurance company
  19. Rlaf75

    Need help!! Code p307 5.7 hemi

    If you replaced everything yourself then I'd imagine you know what you're doing. First thing I would do is pull the plug for cylinder 7 and check the spark plugs and make sure they aren't cracked or damaged which is possible regardless of how good you are. If the plugs look good then check the...
  20. Rlaf75

    Dealer said No for transmission fluid change.

    I believe Mopar says it is lifetime fluid but the transmission manufacturer (ZF) says otherwise. If you can't or aren't able to do it yourself then bring it to a reputable local shop and have them pull and replace the transmission pan. The filter is built into the pan and filter itself is not...
  21. Rlaf75

    What is this gauge?

    DEF level gauge maybe?
  22. Rlaf75

    WATERPUMP FAIL 2022 RAM 1500,5.7

    Not really hard to do. I change the water pump on my 11 5.7 with the fan clutch in my driveway in about an hour
  23. Rlaf75

    washer sprayer weak

    First off make sure the washer fluid reservoir is full and not frozen. Secondly, with the hood open, have someone spray the washers while you look for leaks. They are tiny hoses so it doesn't take much to clog which can obviously reduce the pressure and if it's clogged enough it can cause a hose...
  24. Rlaf75

    The dreaded vibration.

    Does it vibrate under a load while on the gas or when you're coasting with foot off the gas pedal?
  25. Rlaf75

    Not available

    Sorry to hear about your truck. If it was for a 6.5 bed I'd be there to pick the cover up in an hour. I'm just outside of Hartford and that's a great price. Good luck Edit... I just realized it was for a classic. I have the new body style. Still a good price though