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  1. Art in Phoenix

    Not right - front tires worn on outside edges

    Thanks for the info. I think for now I'll keep my appointment with this (new to me) dealer and hope to eliminate any other issues with an alignment check and inspection of associated components along with verifying I'm at factory specs. I'll put new tires on and watch closely for the same wear...
  2. Art in Phoenix

    Not right - front tires worn on outside edges

    Thanks for the info. Funny thing, we moved from Phoenix to Tennessee a year ago and now I realize making that part of my handle was not the smartest thing...
  3. Art in Phoenix

    Not right - front tires worn on outside edges

    I have an appointment to check the alignment with a different dealer 11/3. I neglected to mention I have a dually. I don't put this truck through heavy use at all. I've only towed 21,000lb RV (4,500lb hitch) @ 4K miles. The rest of the 35K miles in normal light use. I wouldn't expect the...
  4. Art in Phoenix

    Not right - front tires worn on outside edges

    Sorry, I didn't specify dually in the orig post. I've asked the dealer to rotate but they don't seem to think it would matter. I kinda see their view that I'd only be swapping left for right and the problem is the same on both.
  5. Art in Phoenix

    Not right - front tires worn on outside edges

    11/4/2023 Update: The dealership checked alignment and inspected all associated components and found everything within factory specs. I asked them to show me which they did. That part was a relief to confirm I wasn't having any parts failures. I drive very conservatively as I plan to own this...
  6. Art in Phoenix

    Map update?

    We purchased a 2021 Longhorn dually and after seeing all the great tech I was very disappointed in the horrible mapping system - on a 12 inch screen no less! Now, less than a year later they are offering an update for $100 which I'm guessing is just short of the previous horrible map based upon...
  7. Art in Phoenix

    Tire pressure confusion

    I’ve done a search and can’t seem to find the answers to these questions. I apologize in advance if this has been discussed many times. 2021 3500 limited longhorn High output diesel, 8 foot bed, automatic air leveling, 4 x 4, dual rear wheels, 5,000 lbs payload capacity Tires: Nexen Roadian HTX...
  8. Art in Phoenix

    do you have a name for your truck

    Canyonero - (only some of the lyrics rang home for us but that was enough)
  9. Art in Phoenix

    8 foot Folding Hard cover shortage?

    I've been trying to find an 8 foot folding hard cover for several weeks and no luck. Since I'll be towing a 5th wheel soon it needs to be a low profile type. I'd prefer the UnderCover Ultra Flex or Armor Flex as it seems to check all the boxes for me. I sent an email to the OEM and hope to find...
  10. Art in Phoenix

    Ridiculous Payload...

    So you're saying the same Highway Patrol that pulls over big rigs is going to pull over a pickup truck? Any other cop is not going to be weighing your truck. Ultimately for an owner to know where they are at is take the truck to a cat scale. Once you know the dry weight and you know the gross...
  11. Art in Phoenix

    Numbers don't make sense

    I'm shopping for a 3500 dually crew cab 4X4 HO Cummins 8 foot bed either Laramie or Big Horn to pull a 21,000 lb GVWR 5th wheel but the numbers don't make sense. I see this under the Detailed specs page: Taking the GVWR minus the Curb weight I would think equals the payload but...
  12. Art in Phoenix

    Pricing info?

    Okay, we're getting ready to pull the trigger on a 3500 dually but I don't know any reliable pricing sources. I know it's easy to see what the manufacturer is offering but nothing beyond that. Any reference to a source would be very appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Art in Phoenix

    Deposits on crossfeed

    I'm looking at purchasing a 2014 Ram 2500 Laramie 4X4 diesel with 85K miles. I've never owned a diesel before. I looked under the hood and saw what looked like burnt oil on a crossover tube (see photo). Is this normal? If it is, what causes this?