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    Birds Keep Sh!tting on My Side Mirrors

    That’s what birds do.
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    How much better is a 2500 for towing?

    I had a 2500 with 5.7. It pulled the 27’ travel trailer fine. Went to AK with it, a 6500 mile round trip. No problem. Traded it for a 1500 with 5.7 and all towing options and went back to AK. It was fine until I got to South Dakota. Cross winds and big trucks were a nightmare. Traded for a...
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    2500 or 3500 for 5th Wheel Retirement Towing

    Mine is a 2019 2500 with 6.4 and 4.10 rear. My fifth wheel is 36’ and 14K pounds empty. Pulls great. On long steep grades it shifts down to 5th and revs to 4500 but holds speed. I don’t think I have need for more truck.
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    Thinking of upgrading to a 2500 should I get Gas or Diesel?"

    I’ve had 5.7s in 1500 and 2500. Both had plenty of power to pull my 27’ TT. The 1500 rode better and used less gas, but cross wind was a problem with the TT. Now I have a 2500 with 6.4. 12.5 mpg but great for towing. It sounds like you have all you need. If you are worried about it, you may...
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    Recommend a folding tonneau

    I had a warranty issue with my MX4 and got great customer service. This is my 5th tonneau and my 3rd BakFlip.. The next one will be an MX4 also as I an very happy with it.
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    Can I tow it?

    I had a very similar truck/trailer combo. The truck pulled the trailer fine. The problem came with cross wind. I put on Timbrens, added a second sway controller, put on new Michelins, adjusted WDH, tire pressure and load. Ended up trading for a 2500 with 6.4 with 4.10 gears. I loved the...
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    Tonneau suggestions

    I had a Roll-N-Lock and liked it except for the area at the front of the bed that it used. If you need that space it’s a pain to take it out. I’ve had 4 of the folding type and I like them better. Currently I have a BakFlip MX4 on my Ram 2500 with 6’4” bed which I like the best of any of them...
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    6.4 Hemi or Cummins

    My truck is 2019 2500 with 8 speed and 4.10 gears. I pull a 36’ fifth wheel, 11,500 lb with 1100 on the fifth wheel. It pulls the trailer fine and gets about 10mpg if I’m not in a hurry (60-63 mph). I couldn’t justify the money difference to get a diesel and haven’t regretted it.
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    A new RAM owners thoughts after 1 day

    Nice ride! When I picked up my 2019 2500 I drove about 100 miles pulling a TT and was ready to take it back. Turns out it had 98 lbs in all 4 tires. Let them down to 60/65 and all was right with the world. I agree about the mirrors, but when you turn them for towing, the convex on the bottom...
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    Front Parksense issue

    My 2019 Ram Laramie 2500 has a front Parksense alert when backing a trailer. Dealer tech said turn off front and rear Parksense when towing. I bought the truck to tow with and it is fully equipped for the job. Does this sound right?
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    Would you buy another Hemi - Poll?

    I have 10K on my 6.4. The other 2 were 5.7s. Happy with all three and would buy again.
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    1/2 ton to 3/4 ton towing.....worth it?

    I had a 2014 2500 with 5.7. It did fine with my 30 foot TT. Pulled it 16,500 miles in 2017. Plenty of power and comfortable to drive. Traded it for a 2017 1500 with 5.7 and 3.92 rear. Pulled good and rode good but cross wind was scary. Adjusted WDH, added second sway controller, put in Timbrens...
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    Change coil spring or add airlift on ram 1500

    I had a 2017 1500, 5.7, 3.92s and 8 speed. 7K travel trailer. I used a WDH with double sway controllers and Timbrens. All worked well together, sat level, good ride empty or towing. I didn’t like the feel in strong cross wind so I traded for 2019 2500 with 6.4 and 4.10s. MUCH better for towing...
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    6.4 fuel econ

    My ‘19 2500 is 6.4 w/4.10s and 4WD. Was getting 16 hwy and 12.5-13 local. Since COVID I drive 3miles or less. Mileage is down to 11☹️. Never gets warmed up good.
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    MDS question

    I have a 2019 2500 with 6.4 and 4.10s. If I am paying attention I can feel a little vibration when MDS comes in if I am doing about 30 mph. Doesn’t bother me and helps mileage some.
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    3.92 or sell

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    Help a new TT owner out...

    I agree with most of these opinions. I had a 2017 Ram 1500 with 5.7 and 3.92 gears. TT is 34’ and 7500 lb. Plenty of power but cross wind was scary. Put on new Michelins. Added Tembrins, adjusted the hitch, all helped some. Started out for Alaska. Stopped in MO and added second sway controller...
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    If You're Looking at the 2019 Ram 2500 Hemi 6.4 - Here's my 2 Cents

    I wanted 3.73 but the truck I liked best had 4.10 so I bought it. I'm happy with it pulling 7500lb TT. Now moving up to a 12,000 lb 5th wheel. Glad I got the 4.10 gears.
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    2019 ram 2500 6.4 Hemi towing

    I brought a 7500lb TT from Idaho to FL with my 2019 Laramie 6.4. Plenty of power for mountains and 9.5 mpg out of mountains @ 60-65 mph. Very happy with the truck. I'm shopping for a fifth wheel in the 10,000-11,000 lb range. May add Timbrens. Truck has a great radio.