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  1. Chiefrider

    High-mount brake light question

    Not trying to hijack a thread, but it seems relevant, so... Does anyone know of a source for a new OE type lens and gasket for the high mount brake light? My '97 looks pretty darn good, and I recently replaced the headlights, fog lamps and new rear lenses. The original high mount lens is...
  2. Chiefrider

    Replacing Center console w/ one with cup holders

    Anyone know anything about installing a 4th gen center console/armrest in the 2nd gen 40/20/40 seat? I saw a youtube video that suggested this, a console from a 2009 Ram that had nicely integrated factor cupholders. Haven't found much else on this, any here do this? Thanks!!
  3. Chiefrider

    OEM Radiator Life Expectancy

    Any thoughts on how long the original radiator should last? My guess is the 24 year old radiator with 185K miles in my truck should probably be replaced! I just noticed a very slight coolant leak, evidenced by a small dark spot appearing under the lower right corner of the rad as you face the...
  4. Chiefrider

    Pics of your 2nd gen ?

    My 1997. 180k miles, not a spot of rust. 5.9, 4WD runs and drives great.
  5. Chiefrider

    Decision Time - 1994 Ram 1500, Original Owner, 60K, Dead Cylinder

    My granddaughter is beyond thrilled to have this fine truck! She was here yesterday, and assured me that it would never be driven with any salt on the roads! They are all quite happy to take care of it.
  6. Chiefrider

    Wanted: OEM Infinity Head Unit

    Hoping someone here might have a working one sitting around looking for a new home- Thanks!
  7. Chiefrider

    No sound from radios

    I'm definitely not the knowledgeable guy about this, but I read that some of the stereos from these years are "Infinity" equipped, meaning they require an amp. Your truck may not be equipped with an amp. Just a thought.
  8. Chiefrider

    Chrysler OEM Radio Options

    Anyone have a factory wiring pigtail/connector for the factory radio so I can put my wiring back to stock? Local JY's don't have any- Thanks!
  9. Chiefrider

    Chrysler OEM Radio Options

    Perfect, thanks!
  10. Chiefrider

    Chrysler OEM Radio Options

    So I did a brief search and didn't find what I was looking for- What year(s) for Chrysler oem stereos will be plug and play for my '97? I currently have cheap aftermarket unit, and I really prefer the clarity of operation from the OE offerings. I don't look for concert hall sound in the...