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  1. Just Bob

    Need to replace exhaust manifold, need advice on which shorties 2017 Ram

    If you want the stock logs, I believe the ones from my 2019 will fit and they are straight, had not broken bolts.
  2. Just Bob

    Need to replace exhaust manifold, need advice on which shorties 2017 Ram

    I bought Kooks 35101110 Shorties - they are about $2500. They are hand made from 304 stainless, TIG welded, and fit flawlessly. See my threadn"Not Quite DIY - Kooks Shorties". Most other cheap shorties are not worth what you pay for them.
  3. Just Bob

    Comp Cams Stage 1 Kit for towing.

    I am interested in doing a cam - eventually, so will track this thread. I think only one brand of Shorties has a CARB EO. I believe it's the 1961S series JBAs. I didn't care and bought EPA legal shorties - Kooks, the only ones with a lifetime warranty. Hope to not do that job again to test the...
  4. Just Bob

    Not quite DIY - Kooks Shorties - Go to a shop!

    Installed Kooks 35101110 Torque Series Shorty Headers today. Six hours in Mac's Custom exhaust. I had already modified the Y pipe at Mac's. I have to tell you, this job would be pretty tough without a lift. I tried. The previously installed Lyell's muffler (shown next to stock) cut a lot of...
  5. Just Bob

    Is an aftermarket sway bar setup worthwhile?

    Belltech makes a set of front and rear bars for the 1500 Classic. I ordered them in October, and cancelled the order around Christmas. They just never shipped! Just put in a Hellwig (rear only) set on firmest setting. I also replaced the stock end links with Moog Problem Solver (greasable) end...
  6. Just Bob

    The Best Arguement for Great Tires

    I use an all season tire, the Destination LE3. it worked well in the slush up in Wisconsin in early December, and the rain and aftermath of the lake effect snow on I-80 going back and forth. If I drive carefully on ice, they are okay. I can't justify dedicated snow tires/wheels for the one or...
  7. Just Bob

    Y Pipe Restriction

    Mac's Custom Exhaust and Fabrication in Manassas Park, VA did a great job on this mod for my 2019 1500 Classic. They give veterans' discounts. Butt dyno estimates 10 whp / 10 tq. You can see (upside down) my passenger side pipe was almost completely crushed as compared to the driver's side (on...
  8. Just Bob

    Y Pipe Restriction