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  1. Sur5er

    Oil percent .what does that mean ?

    The oil percentage is just a different way of counting! 1% equals 100 miles on a 10,000 mile scale. Tale a look at the little mileage indicator in the oil window that shows mileage since last change. Want to change every 5K? Change at 50% oil life. Better to send out your oil to Blackstone for a...
  2. Sur5er

    Block coolant flush after cam

    Leave the pan off, no sense flushing all that crap into the pan.
  3. Sur5er

    TRQ brake rotors

    What you are looking at is called a "lightening cut". It is metal that is removed to balance the rotor. No biggie, no issue. Normal machining operation.
  4. Sur5er

    The dreaded vibration.

    Speed vs engine speed would have me looking at rotating driveline parts. Shaft(s) U-Joints, missing drive shaft weights, warped rim, etc.
  5. Sur5er

    Planning to rebuild my 66rfe transmission

    P0735 is a diagnostic trouble code that indicates that the automatic transmission can’t be shifted to the 5th gear1. This code is used in vehicles that are built with automatic transmissions/transaxles that rely on torque converters to drive the rear wheels and increase the engine torque...
  6. Sur5er

    Loud ticking sound

    Check the CV joints
  7. Sur5er

    Electric Radiator Fan Spin Effortlessly

    I replaced the clutch fan in my 2016 1500, too. The fan, if plugged into the factory A/C fan harness, uses the temp sender to activate the fan. Mine was a generic e-fan and I had to splice the harness to get the 4" I needed to make the connection. All that being said, the fan operates with or...
  8. Sur5er

    Beds and tailgate

    Reach out to LKQ, they are a national recycler for parts.
  9. Sur5er

    100k Mile service

    Gasket and tranny bolts are available at the dealer and are cheap enough, I like the PPE and the extra fluid is great. Nifty work around with the PPE pan is just add fluid until it runs out of the fill port AT TEMP, the extra fluid means you're not low! Also make sure you tighten bolts evenly.
  10. Sur5er

    tire pressure for rebel wheels on a 1500

    Don't exceed Max Tire Pressure printed on the tire(s)
  11. Sur5er

    2016 Ram 2500 Bighorn 6.4L gas. Good or bad buy?

    Parked on the grass? Waaaaay to much money, waaaay to many potential problems, especially if the pans rust through. As above, RUN!
  12. Sur5er

    Cab Vents and Road Noise

    Had the chance to look over the cab vents on my 2016 Ram 1500 5.7 while tracking down a leak. With the seats out and rear sound cover removed I noticed the amount of road noise coming from the vents when the Climate control is NOT in Recirculation Mode. I grabbed one of my padded cases that is...
  13. Sur5er

    What can I do with this mess… BOTCHED cam and lifter job

    with 175k on the engine, you are really looking at a complete rebuild! Is the chassis, tranny, suspension, and the rest of the body worth the money you will have to spend for the rebuild and installation? Be prepared to deal with and pay for more broken and wrong parts as well as the mechanic's...
  14. Sur5er

    Frame bushing?

    I believe they are vibration dampers. Leave 'em alone!
  15. Sur5er

    2012 Ram 1500 5.7 hemi. Lights up like a Christmas tree.

    Don't you have to pull the brake pedal all the way back against the switch button to set the switch?
  16. Sur5er

    Dealer cost on replacing spark plugs?

    AllData shows 1.7 hours plus NGK X 16 @ $6.50. And X2 on the Gearwrench if doing it yourself. Get yourself an over the tire step stand, too.
  17. Sur5er

    Question on Removal of HVAC 2013 Ram 1500...

    Those lines are to/from the expansion valve. You're going to need to pull down the freon and reclaim the refrigerant, remove the nut, remove the lines, plug the holes w/plastic caps, do your work, reverse the process then pull a vacuum and recharge. If you're not sure, get someone that is!
  18. Sur5er

    PRNDL yellow, truck dies after start.

    Clarification! Does the vehicle stall when placed in R,D or L and not in P or N? If yes, I suspect an issue with the TC lock-up. Backing up, make sure the dealer credits you, at least the labor, for replacing unnecessary parts!
  19. Sur5er

    CV Axles Bad? Wobble but Good Boot?!

    Getting rebuilt axels is probably the most cost effective. Not sure what you mean by wobble? In and out? Axial play, radial, or just plain rattles when you shake it?
  20. Sur5er

    Battery dying sitting in the driveway

    X2 on bad battery/dead cell. If under warranty, call the dealer and have them pick it up! Trying to do an amperage draw test isn't straight forward. There is some sort of timed drawdown in my 2016 1500 electrical system . Try an old fashioned load test on fully charged and disconnected battery...
  21. Sur5er

    2012 Ram 1500 Hemi Oil In Coolant I Am At A Loss.

    Most shops have a CO (Carbon Monoxide) tester just for that purpose. OTOH, if your radiator pressurizes in just a minute or two, go with warped/cracked block/heads!
  22. Sur5er

    Oil Leak issue 5.7 intake manifold - Maybe?

    Clean all the bolts, chase the thread bores, use a GOOD torque wrench and follow the torque sequence. I really hope you used Blue Loc Tite!
  23. Sur5er

    Garage door opener

    My kinda guy!
  24. Sur5er

    First one ever to not get AlfaOBD to work.

    Use enough Dynamite there, Butch?
  25. Sur5er

    Light Grinding When Left/Right of Center

    Wheel hub/bearing