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    More EV Wintertime Fun

    Don’t think anyone is ”hating” on the EV owners. Maybe hating on all the hoopla about them and legislation to seemingly force us to own one soon. Don’t think manufacturers are even close on truck EV’s. Ford Lightning is really a 100K joke here in Ontario. I know a contractor who bought one...
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    Cybertruck vs RAM 2500

    Ok, well I know a guy who bought a Ford Lightning, hooked up a trailer for work and made it 90 minutes down the highway before he was out of ‘juice’. Seriously, I think I’ll stick to my ‘22 5.7 eHemi with 3.92 diff and the oversized fuel tank for hauling my fishing boat or trailer anywhere. E...
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    Pre-winter Maintenance - What's On Your List?

    Well up here in Canada- I change my Crocs to my fur lined Crocs, and switch on the 4WD. Throw a shovel in the back, maybe a tow strap or chain, and if I’m travlin I have some non perishable food and water, a good lighter, some paper and firewood in back box in case of storm stranding. Extra...
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    Cargo Sliding

    I get it but I hate covering up something that cost good money. Each their own, I don’t haul much expensive stuff in back
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    Cargo Sliding

    Ok so we pay for Rhino liner, then are supposed to carpet, rubber mat, interlock custom cut flooring over it??? Good ole ratchet bar, ratchet straps or bungy cords. It’s a freakin truck!!
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    Gas cap Alert

    Well well well, the neighbor huh? I’d be lettin the dog out to check on my truck or let Smith and Wess meet the clown stealin my fuel.
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    Gas cap Alert

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    Soft covers - theft a problem?

    I Need some painting done Crispy. Good painters are worth their $$
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    Towing Help! 2023 Ram 1500 5.7L V8 eTorque, 4x4, Crew Cab, short bed, 3.21

    Need tow package for sure, hopefully you got 3.92 rear ratio. Consider trans cooler. Pulled trailers and loads my whole life since 14 years old - 65 now. You’ll be fine with a beefed up 1500 for most camping trailers. You keep upgrading a couple feet, better plan on a new 2500
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    Knob dial vs shift on console

    Hate the dial on any vehicle. So I ordered the GT package (Canada). Best thing ever - console shifter with manual sport mode, paddle shifters on steering wheel, as well as ram cold air intake and deep sounding exhaust, leather etc etc. For $3500? No brainer for me.
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    Check engine

    Thx for the reply No codes. Don’t have reader, ya guess I’ll check in w dealer. Seems weird everything reset and driving fine.
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    Check engine

    Sorry should have posted- first time Ram owner, loving the truck but this?
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    Check engine

    Hey all. Driving my new ‘22 Ram 5.7hemi etorque w only1000km on it thru town the other day, when all of a sudden it went into first gear, tried to manually shift from Drive into sport mode cause I have GT Sport console shifter. Of course I slowed right down to not over rev but it seemed stuck in...