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    Help please.

    Check it for possible wreck and frame damage Sonething is major wrong
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    Any advice on this truck? (I am considering purchase as a daily driver) but new to the truck life. Thank you for your time

    It’s a truck you will have to spend money on occasionally. It will have stuff that may not work right or at all. It’s one you will have to tinker with but price is not bad. Try to get it cheaper. And drive it
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    4th gen owner considering a 5th gen......

    Sounds like you know all the problems and all the good stuff not sure about the 2025 24 r still good but can have exactly the problems you mentioned
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    New to Ram! Need help with running boards and other things!

    I like the factory Mopar boards
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    Soft covers - theft a problem?

    I have a hard cover. But if someone wants in there there in. Most r not that secure I haven’t lost my stuff yet but simply out of sight out of mind
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    1st Travel Trailer for my Ram 2500

    Your weight of trailer you should be ok but yes this transmission is a weak spot. But I have a land scape trailer when fully loaded is near this weight with a5.7 1500 with no problems it’s a 8 speed. They should have put the one ton transmission in 3/4 truck
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    New truck - when do I start getting the mileage on the window sticker

    I won’t get a lot better but after500 mikes you got what you got. 392gears not the most gas friendly. I have two trucks one of each gear set at 70 mph maybe 3-400 difference
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    Asking for a courtesy vehicle from the dealership

    My take they did replace the battery and yes it is not certified pre owned. But I bought one once that was said to be certified but it was far from it. But since it a 17 and it is now2023. If they r still fixing it for free I would not argue about a loaner.
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    Door removal like a jeep.

    I saw a Silverado with half doors.
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    Need an opinion on trading

    I have owned 4 of these over the years. Absolutely on uconect issues. I know some have. But all of mine including a Jeep trouble free
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    Rear axle ratio vs mpg.

    I have both trucks. Only 2-300 rpm difference. Gas mileage minimal at best not worth the effort or money
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    Truck goes into park when door opens

    Free hack fasten the seat belt behind you
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    Water pump/ radiator leak

    Normally oil temp is 15-20 degrees higher then coolant
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    2023 Ram 1500 Etorque problem

    Seems that is a problem with most of trucks. When I was buying the etorque was just coming out. I made sure I stayed away from it. Anything new I try to stay away from And etorque was new in 2019 and 20
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    2024 Ram Limited standard equipment?

    All u can do is have paperwork showing everything. And make sure it is signed. Or I would just do a national search and ind one on a lot like I did
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    I Gotta Ask...

    Mine is a 19 lawnmower hauler. Use it daily. It has a couple of dents but otherwise very clean. Only gets washed a couple of times a year. But most creature comforts are included
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    Is it worth it?

    Also using premium generally means higher quality fuel. Octane really don’t mater but better quality formula
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    Help me understand normal vs Hemi tick

    Mine was the exhaust manifold. They replaced bolts and Manifolds all made of same materials. No problem after that
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    Constant low oil pressure after top rebuild

    If not soon it is going to blowup or do more damage from lack of pressure
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    Window deflectors

    Just my two cents worth don’t get the in channel ones. They work but can be a problem to get just right a will mess with your windows