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  1. Tach_tech

    Parasitic Draw from fuses M10 & M12

    Keep pulling fuses till it goes down.How long are you letting it sit while doing the draw test?
  2. Tach_tech

    Parasitic Draw from fuses M10 & M12

    1.34A is a pretty significant draw, even 0.6A is to high. Ideally it should be close to 0.05A.
  3. Tach_tech

    transmission temperate sensor location ?

    Does your truck have the cooler bypass valve? I can’t recall off the top of my head if an 09 will have it, but some have a cooler bypass. Basically looks like a small metal block that the cooler lines go into as they come out of the transmission.
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    Best conversion kit

    You can use alfa obd to get rid of the light.
  5. Tach_tech

    Active grill shutters code U11E9

    When you say you checked your wiring, you have proper voltages and ground at the AGS connector?
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    Gas tank not filling up frustration

    Easy way to tell is to disconnect all the vent lines from the tank, if it’s still acting up it’s the tank. In my experience if it’s not the evap filter being plugged it’s the tank.
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    Best conversion kit

    You don’t need to buy a kit, you can likely piece it together yourself and save some money. I bought front struts from a wrecker for $100 then replaced the shocks with adjustable bilsteins. Bought tuff truck coil springs for the rear and the 2 spring pads. The rear shocks can be reused if...
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    remote start install

    You have to run the wiring for the hood latch to the BCM as per the instructions. A lot of trucks will have a factory connector there but it doesn’t go anywhere.
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    AC hissing noise and warm air.

    The hissing sound is likely coming from the expansion valve. They will hiss sometimes when the refrigerant level is low.
  10. Tach_tech

    Running Rich

    Some carbon build up on the tips and X pipe doesn’t necessarily means it’s rich. Has your fuel mileage changed? If you’re a spirited driver that can also contribute to it. Do you have access to a scan tool that can monitor fuel trims?
  11. Tach_tech

    Engine Long crank issue when warm restart 5.7L - No Codes

    When it just cranks, have you tried the clear flood mode by pressing the gas to floor? This turns off the injectors to help clear a flooded engine which can happen from leaking injectors. Could also be the relay which is internal to the TIPM, they do make bypass kits.
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    Engine Long crank issue when warm restart 5.7L - No Codes

    What have you done so far?
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    Whipple Supercharger and eTorque

    The top ring land is usually the weakest link, it’s not boost friendly but should be fine in the 8ish psi range with a good tune. If it’s the 8hp70 it’s not a weak link, they are usually good for 600whp as long as you keep some torque management. If you take all the torque management out that’s...
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    Please help hemi with new cam bad misfire

    Most of the time it’s a pushrod has fallen out of the rocker.
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    Tank strap recall

    There’s an extended warranty for the fuel tank strap. Pretty sure it’s a 12 year unlimited miles for 09-18 models. Call your dealer and ask about it.
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    Air ride compressor failure

    When it comes to vehicles under warranty the general procedure is if a problem can’t be verified in half an hour, it gets kicked out. Warranty is very stingy about reimbursing dealers for techs time spent trying to verify concerns. For example if a tech spent 2 hours trying to duplicate a...
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    "Service Parking Sensors" message

    More than likely it’s a faulty sensor but without knowing the code that has been set you’re just guessing. Could be wiring or faulty module as well.
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    Need help with digital cluster, Screen flashing

    If only the screen is flickering like that and not all the cluster lights, I’d be willing to bet it’s a faulty screen in the cluster. I’ve seen this a few times and it’s been a cluster every time. Wouldn’t hurt to check the connections at the cluster though.
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    Air ride compressor failure

    It’s not just anyone’s fault, it’s a combination. Manufactures will do just about anything to reject warranty claims and charge back the dealers. It makes it very difficult for a tech to do everything properly and if one little thing is missed they will kick back the claim and a tech will get...
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    Air ride compressor failure

    It‘s not so much who they hire, it’s more how hard it has become to get paid for warranty repairs. If there’s no codes or a complaint can’t be verified in half an hour of being in the shop most times it will get kicked out and given back to the customer. That’s the standard procedure they...
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    Active grill shutters code U11E9

    That’s on a 5th gen truck. 4th gen only have only the active grill shutters. The active air dam was added on the 5th gens. The active air dam and grill shutters on the 5th gen trucks use the same LIN bus so if either one of them fails it can take down the bus. Before I left the dealer world I’d...
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    Tuner to control active shutters.

    Depends on the year of your truck wether you need the pcm unlock or not. If it’s 2015+ you’ll have to get your pcm unlocked in order to tune it.
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    Scanner/datalogger that reads enhanced PIDs

    Have you logged the knock sensor voltage at all?
  24. Tach_tech

    Scanner/datalogger that reads enhanced PIDs

    You can also monitor knock sensor voltage if it’s there.