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    Fogging inside taillight housing

    Prior owner installed Eagle Eye rear taillights. No complaints, until recently. I've noticed some fogging on the inside. Worry? Not worry? Run 'em till the wheels fall off? Thanks John
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    Heated Steering Wheel Not Working.

    It's a device in the steering wheel, some circuits pass through it. As it turns out, I didn't need to replace it. The problem was I didn't know that the heated seats/steering wheel don't turn on unless the temp gets cold. My son's GMC heated seats work at any temp. My wife's RAV4 heated...
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    Which ram truck should I get?

    I had a new Rebel, got rid of it. Poked around in a different truck, sold it. Got a 2009 Laramie, rolling on 20's. Prior owner installed airbags. It was missing a few modern amenities, like a back up camera and that big ass screen that the Rebel had. Installing those was a nice update. It...
  4. J

    I wonder how long this has been missing?

    I pushed the left recirc button, and it didn't move. I'll double check it.
  5. J

    I wonder how long this has been missing?

    Separate, but related...What causes the door above the filter to be either open or closed?
  6. J

    What should I do with my ram? Unique situation.

    If it keeps you awake at night, sell it. You'll sleep better. I bought a brand new Rebel, and a month in it developed a clunk. Nobody could find it. Every time I drove it.."clunk". Pissed me off. Sold it.
  7. J

    I wonder how long this has been missing?

    I thought there was no filter because prior owner was a) too lazy to put one in, OR, b) didn't want to pay the highway robbery price to install a cabin filter. And, it's mind boggling that in 2009 they molded in the shape and access door retention lugs that they would use seven years later...
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    I wonder how long this has been missing?

    I was going to do some basic maintenance on my newish to me 2009, by changing the cabin air filter. I looked it up on YouTube, and saw that there seemed to be a little access door to unsnap. As I learned, mine didn't have the little I set about doing the hack. It involves cutting...
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    Climate control, knob, backlight blink off and on

    Separate, but related observation...I just discovered this control module is from a 2011/12 RAM, and I have a 2009 RAM. I pulled it out to see if I could take it apart, and there is a 2015 date on it. So, prior owner was down this road before.
  10. J

    Climate control, knob, backlight blink off and on

    Wow, many thanks. Well, that's permission to disassemble as far as I'm concerned. We'll see what happens. :D
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    Climate control, knob, backlight blink off and on

    2009, Two knob climate control module, with backlighted knobs. The backlight on the right side knob has started randomly blinking off and on. How are they lighted? Do the knobs pull off? Have to go in from the back? Thanks.
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    What has been you're Ram experiences

    I bought a new RAM Rebel a few years back. It was going to be my "retirement" truck. About two months in, it developed a "clunk". Dealer couldn't find it, and I wasn't willing to live with it, so I traded it away. Fast forward to a few months ago...I bought a seemingly well kept, but high...
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    Tesla Style Radio 2017 with Manuel Climate Controls

    I'm a little confused by your original post. Do you have manual climate controls, and are keeping them? Or do you have manual controls, and they are supposed to be integrated into the Tesla style controls?
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    Help! Heated seat control, 10.4" PX6 T style headunit

    As it turns out, I don't have a problem. Mods, if you want to delete this be it.
  15. J

    Auto start, heated seats/steering wheel on under 40f, can this be changed?

    It's one line of code, I bet. If equal to or less than 40f, then enable on auto start. Any ten year olds out there wanna fix this?:D
  16. J

    Auto start, heated seats/steering wheel on under 40f, can this be changed?

    It's got a couple levels of operation. Below 40f, the heated seats/steering wheel will come on when I remote start the truck. Above 40f, they have to be manually turned on when you enter the truck. There is another threshold, I don't know what it is. I'm guessing 60-65f. Above that, the...
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    Auto start, heated seats/steering wheel on under 40f, can this be changed?

    I've read that the system is set so that the heated seats and steering wheel will not come on when auto-starting the truck unless the temp is below 40f. I verified that yesterday and today. Yesterday was 43f. I autostarted the truck, the seats and steering wheel did not heat up. Today...
  18. J

    Backup Camera

    Yep, you're correct. I mention to put it in gear to verify that it does actually go hot. I have never used a trailer on mine and verified that circuit.
  19. J

    front face emblem camera

    I'm considering this as an alternative: Punch a hole in my own emblem
  20. J

    Backup Camera

    I used a T-tap to tap into the 7 way plug. As I recall, the center wire goes "hot" in reverse. It's not too hard to figure out. Chock your wheels, set your brake, turn on the key, put it in reverse. Use a meter or 12v light and you can quickly find the hot just to verify. There is also...
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    Heated Steering Wheel Not Working.

    Mine are now working, and the only thing changed is the weather. So, it must be temperature related. There are other threads that discuss it. It's cold outside, and now my heated seat and heated steering wheel can be activated. Next problem is trying to understand why they don't energize...
  22. J

    Is there a way to trigger camera with brake, plus less than 5mph?

    Having achieved success with the backup cam, I'm investigating front cam now. I don't want the camera powered all the time. I thought to use the brake light circuit as the camera trigger. Then, I began to wonder if there is some speed sensitive circuit that could be connected in series to...
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    New to RAM What do I need to know?

    It's not a Ford
  24. J

    What is this?

    It's a box designed to make wives ask "What's that?":D