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    Did the power rams have a hood ornament?

    I had a Ram Charger that had a Ram on the hood. Forget what year it was. Pretty good vehicle, lot of room, looked good. Mother-in-law called it a buffalo charger.
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    Driving habits reported to your insurance company?

    For years accident investigators have gone straight to the vehicle and downloaded the information contained on the device to give the insurance company and the investigators working whatever type of accident is involved. The devices used now are much more efficient and no doubt are accessed...
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    Coolant type

    2017 Ram, had a coolant leak that sprayed coolant everywhere. The garage pressured the system and the leak was coming from the thermostat housing, a leak around the bottom of the stem. It had rusted through the housing. Rust in the radiator, and hoses. This is a 2017 Larime with 77500 miles...
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    Ooops! What happens if you twist the gear knob while @55mph?

    These are good, but take up a lot of space in the front seat.
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    Rain visibility issues

    I have used it in my bike wind shield and on my truck shield. I would rather remove the windshield and wear a pair of goggles. It’s great as long as it doesn’t rain.
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    I listed to that testimony, from the CEO of Pilot and I cannot recall what the reduction was caused by. The railroad said the volume they transport was going to be reduced, but I do not remember who told the railroad to cut back. It had to be somebody with considerable pull.
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    Ram Updates: What we know so far

    you can not use that horse in that manor. The animal rights warriors will be all over you.
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    Ram Updates: What we know so far

    if the greenies want all electric, and you don’t use oil, coal, or nukes, what the hell are they planning to use to generate this magic fuel. One other thing, where will they choose to dispose of these lithium wonders.
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    Front hub life span

    2017 Laramie, 1500, 67k right front. 600.00+ But Mopar extended warranty got the ticket except for a 100.00 deductibl.
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    Fram ultra synthetic oil filter new style

    I found two yesterday. Same info you have, none available, nation wide.
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    Oil Filter Thread

    For users of NAPA PLATINUM oil filters for the 5.7. I found two today, 47060, they cannot be located at any NAPA warehouse in the US according to the NAPA stores. Also unavailable at any of the stores. Just saying, if true , don’t know what the story is. If anyone knows, post it.
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    Fram ultra synthetic oil filter new style

    Guys, I have looking for a NAPA PLATINUM oil filter for my Ram. Unless NAPA dealers are fooling with me, they claim they can not locate one at any warehouse in the US. They have everything else, but no Platinum.
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    2017 dead battery

    2017, 40K, 36 mo battery OE, 38 months dead as my a$$. Battery builders have it down to a science, almost set your watch by it. New battery 200+.
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    Got a little power wash happy...

    We used to call that a cane party. Just drank beer, no worries until after storm.
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    Ram outdoorsman 5.7 MPG

    No one has mentioned hauling ass, glad you brought it up. Whole new dimension
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    Lets destroy the trx

    You can’t fix stupid
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    What DON'T you like about your RAM?

    I think the thumper under the right side of the rear seat is a waste of useable space. I much rather have the storage than something that is totally useless
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    In a world gone Mad...

    I like the white truck. I just wouldn’t put it in a mud hole, on purpose
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    Wiper blade recommendations

    I don’t know about Aquapel, but if you drive at night, I would rather put oil on the windshield than rainx. Streaks, blurry headlights through rainx, and if you do not care for it, you can now remove it. That is just my experience, yours my be different. Like everything else, some like it and...
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    Looking for a Hoe!

    TR, warnings were sent out to LE awhile back that law enforcement vehicles were being broken into because thieves assumed firearms would be inside. That happened at gas stations, and residents and anywhere a vehicle was parked unattended
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    3 years 3 months 1 day

    Battery makers seem to have a timer that starts with the first turn of the key. 36 months later you are on borrowed time, but 200 skins puts right back in the game. It’s called job security
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    52 gallon fuel tank

    Recalibrated fuel gauge involves a number 2 pencil and a note pad
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    Military Roll Call!!

    67 to 72 USAR MOS 95B40 C Mack, I was attached to the 298th in FT Stewart, 67. You guys traveled with your MP’s. We met your guys planning for problems at the local slop shute. The word of the day, goin get some stick time tonight. Truer words were never spoken.
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    Ok, some educate me on detailing my truck outside

    I hate washing my truck. Top too high, tires and rims too big, hood too tall. I would be pleased if it was about the size of a Volkswagen. Getting old sucks
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    A new RAM owners thoughts after 1 day

    Giving your thoughts after one day is sort of like giving your thoughts after the first night of marriage. Give it awhile because they can go south quickly.