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    fluctuating rpm's

    No. Its not surging under load. In fact it seems fine out on the road doing 60 or more. I haven't had it do the rough idle and missing for a week or so. maybe I need to go put my foot in the throttle hard and let it eat and see if it acts up.
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    fluctuating rpm's

    I didn't mention, no cel except for the fuel evap system which I've been to cheap to fix.
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    fluctuating rpm's

    2003 ram 2500 5.7. Just changed coils, plugs and wires. new air filter. Starts and idles good but can feel a little roughness in the idle. twice since the tune up it has missed roughly after starting. Giving it some gas did not smooth anything out. But if I shut it off and restarted it...
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    RV Towing Newbie

    A lot of good advice on here. Yes, a 1/2 ton will pull a lot but be wary of the trailers advertised as "1/2 ton towable". These generally are of a size that push the limits. A lot of things affect how well a truck and trailer handle. I own a trailer that was advertised as 1/2 ton towable but I...
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    Broken in Half?

    I agree with OC455. I looked up the specs also. 4917 dry weight. These things are not our daddy's cab-overs from years ago.
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    another oil question

    Thank you, Zoe. It was probably a redundant question. But I had not seen any posts mentioning the milage that's on my truck.
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    another oil question

    I've purchased a 2003 ram 2500 4x4 from a friend. It has 174000 miles on it. Conventional oil has been in it all it's life. The truck is solid and has been regularly maintained. It has a little bit of tick when it first starts. Disappears in a few seconds. My question is will it hurt to...
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    15% ethanol

    We receive subsidies for making it. We save the good stuff for us Iowegians.
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    Inflation of add on air bags.

    I'm getting ready to add a pair of timber grove air bags to my 2020 ram. I occasionally tow a travel trailer. I suspect it could be possible that I may have to deflate to bags to un-hook. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to use to re-inflate once I hook up again. Not wanting to...