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    3.6 to 5.7 swap

    ok so i dont really care about power or whatever. but my trucks just about had it. shes at 298k miles. transmission shudders hard. engine has low oil pressure due to worn bearings. she overheats because the head gaskets just blew. its not really worth fixing imo. shes a 2015 ram 1500 4x4 3.6. my...
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    What has been you're Ram experiences

    2015 ram ive had since 2016. got it at 16k miles. transmission just went out at 229k miles. have put on a new cv axle fuel pump and 2 tipms. and considering my truck has the lesser 845re transmission and i towed hard with it ALOT. im not even mad i got alot of life out of that trans. really just...
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    is it possible to convert a 2wd transmission to a 4wd transmission? 845re

    my transmission is going out on my truck and my truck has a 3.6 and is 4wd. i really dont wanna spend 5 grand on a transmission and the only ones i can find on ebay are for the 2wd. i know on the older trucks you can just change the tail shaft. anyone know if there are any electrical things that...