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    Split backing plates replacement for rusted originals

    I installed new sure grip, new seals and bearings July 2022. At that point they seemed fine. Last month the shoe hold downs failed and the shoes started scraping. Backing plates were toast. Less than 100,000 miles. They should be at least galvanized!
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    Split backing plates replacement for rusted originals

    So my rear backing plates(stone sheilds) are rusted to the extent that they will no longer anchor my parking brake shoes. Some vehicles have a split version of the backing plates so you don't have to pull the axles. Anyone know if they are available in the aftermarket for Gen 4 Rams?
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    Best oil and oil filter for a 5.7 Hemi?

    Castrol Edge 5/20 + Baldwin
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    2014 1500 strut boots

    There's not anything that I can find here for advice on strut boots. I ordered a pair of KYB SB 142, the listed pn. for 2014 Ram 1500 and the two parts in the kit are a total mismatch.They can't possibly work together. Anyone have success with another brand. KYB's QC has gone way downhill these days