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    **SOLD** Billet Technology Catch Can 2009-2019 Dodge Ram 5.7L Hemi SoCal

    not to mention all of the crap it does catch.
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    hood rust and in service date

    Thanks for the replies guy's. If the hood is aluminum why would they be covering the issue under the rust/corrosion warranty? New dilemma is they are offering me what I paid for the truck 4 years ago and 40K miles ago. I really like my truck and the way I have it set up so not sure I want to...
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    hood rust and in service date
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    hood rust and in service date

    Noticed some rust bubbles under the paint on my 2017 Ram 1500. It's just above the drivers side headlight. Not from a rock chip as the paint/clear isn't broken. Trying to find my "in service" date as I bought the truck as a demo with about 5K miles. Is there someplace to get that date by using...
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    Headlight dial

    sorry about that. noticed it right after I posted it.
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    Headlight dial

    here's one: they're all over ebay used one for $20...
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    Stock exhaust pipes

    have a complete set off of my 2017 1500. took off the truck at around 7000 miles. let me know if interested.
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    looking for a laramie limited grille For anyone looking to paint this seems to be a good deal. I have no affiliation with the seller. Just ran across it in my travels down the info highway.
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    looking for a laramie limited grille

    Ebay seller listed more of them for sale. Also listed LED taillights. YIKES!
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    looking for a laramie limited grille

    buy yourself something pretty for valentines. lol
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    looking for a laramie limited grille

    Do it. Maybe wait for the next Ebay sale where they give 10% off.
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    looking for a laramie limited grille

    grille arrived yesterday. seems to be a pretty good seller. came fast and packaged well. looks really nice on the truck.
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    looking for a laramie limited grille

    a couple months ago someone had one locally but wanted $400 and it was used. he must have sold it as his ad disappeared. $420 for brand new was a pretty good deal. the tax sucks though.
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    looking for a laramie limited grille

    appreciate the heads up. just picked one up also.
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    Welp. I need touch up paint

    only place I ever order from. they sell the primer, the paint and the clear. I gave them the color code for my teal 1993 Cobra and they nailed it.
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    looking for a laramie limited grille

    Appreciate the response. My truck is silver so looking to go all chrome. There was one for sale locally recently but he has since disappeared or sold it. I see the new ones on Ebay but not looking to spend $600+ for it. Yours looks great though. Nice job.
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    looking for a laramie limited grille

    Seeing if anyone has a laramie limited grille available. Need one for my 2017 Ram 1500 Big Horn.
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    Lug nuts

    Had Wildpeaks installed on my truck last week and Discount Tires brought the lug nut issue to my attention. Didn't know the factory ones have an issue of swelling and possibly having the caps strip on the lugs making them difficult to remove at some point. They showed me how the lug socket...
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    Moe’s 87mm ported throttle body

    pm sent
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    Anybody Run Duratracs / KO 2's / Wildpeaks On Stock Suspension ?

    I just put wildpeaks on my truck the other day. Went with stock size but I do have the bilsteins. The tires look great and ride really nice. Had mine on the highway a couple hours after install and rode very smooth at 70-75 mph . I have pics but they don't do the truck justice. They look so much...
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    Replacement Tires..

    Just got back from Discount tire and had my Falkens installed. Pics on the forum don't do these tires justice. They really look so nice in person. Night and day from the pics.
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    New shoes who dis

    I was going to go with the 34" but it seems the 4 ply is only available on the 33". Found a coupon for the 4 for 3 deal but says it's limited to in stock tires. My local dealer isn't very accommodating so going in not expecting much.