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    Recieved wrong oil from Amazon

    Run it.
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    How about checking the most obvious thing - the steering rack.
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    Replace TMPS When Installing New Tires?

    my 2010 had 3 sets of tires in the 200k miles and 13 years that I owned it with the OEM sensors - were still working when I traded it in.
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    2024 Laramie has red turn signals

    my 2023 Limited 1500 are amber
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    A Tip for Those w/the Multi Function Tailgate

    If you have the RamBox and MFT, it doesn't require (or come with) the corner bed braces. Guess the RamBox provides enough brace.
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    What would you add to make your Ram ideal for you?

    Massage in the seat - can't believe the Limited doesn't come with that.
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    2022 Ram 1500 5.7 etorque hesitation off the line

    I'm curious if any of y'all have Hill Start Assist activated in your truck.
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    side steps/running boards. Probably a dead horse, but hey.

    I also have the chrome 5" Raptors on my 2010 4x4 CC - 13 years and going strong.
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    my 2010 4x4 has no zerks.
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    Oil Filter Relocation

    Air is compressible, fluid (oil) is not. Big difference.
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    My nightmare experience with BAK Industries BakFlip MX4 hard folding cover for 6’4” bed

    @OnSale - I'm wondering if the cover they sent you was not for a Ram.
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    Taking on Water...

    GTyankee, appreciate the info on the 'little box'. That was gonna be my next question.
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    You only have 1 heater core, so if you have heat at all (and you said you did on the passenger side), then obviously the problem is blend doors.
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    Just got my 2020 Ram 1500 lemon

    Could be just a battery issue - a weak battery can cause some really weird problems in these trucks.
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    Programming after new steering rack (EPS)

    I thought EPS didn't come on a 1500 until 2013. My 2010 doesn't have it.
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    Are locking lug nuts worth it?

    I'm like kad above, my factory set is still in the bag. I wonder how many owners have been frustrated by getting them off vs wheels saved. Plus you can get the sockets/keys anywhere. Maybe better than nothing I guess.
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    How To DIY Fold Flat Floor

    one more request for the file - [email protected]
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    Weird barking sound from under truck

    I had the flex plate crack on an old car I had back in the 80's and it sounded just like that!
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    How many miles before brake job

    changed front pads at 130,000 miles on my 2010, rotors looked good
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    How many miles on your 4th Gen Ram

    156k on my 2010
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    Vibrating at 80mph

    Don't assume that the tires were balanced; lots of places will do a rotate without a balance, which in my humble opinion, is idiotic and extremely lazy. You've got the tire off - how hard is it to put it on a machine and press a button, for God's sake!
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    Does anyone make like a cargo net or something for the bed?

    a 2x6 cut to fit across the inside of the bed near the tailgate works great and you cant beat the price.
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    Oil weight poll, trying find a link

    2010 151000 6000-8000 Mobil 1 no lifter failures no tick
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    The stupid front driveshaft greasing....

    pistol-grip grease gun is the only one you should own. those handle-style guns are worthless and shouldn't even be sold. (veteran of 20+ years greasing tractors, combines, and other crap)
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    I need help! 5.7L engine tick!

    What exactly does an '$800 tuneup' include, pray tell?