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    Truck/trailer wiring issue.Very frustrated !

    so if you rewired the trailer then you know which wires are which, the cheap way out without buying any tools that you may only use once is to just use some scrap wire and back probe the wires in the plug and attach to a 12volt battery. if its a turn signal bulb it doesn't have to blink in order...
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    Aiming the lights

    so the proper way to aim the headlights of any vehicle regardless of the turns is to back the vehicle away 25 feet from a wall and adjust the headlights untill they are even. should be roughly thigh high and evenly spaced
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    Automatic transmission issue

    check the trans fluid first and foremost. the correct way to check any automatic transmission is to put it in gear or at least not park or neutral. the idea is to have the trans under a load so you can see where the fluid level is. either set the park-break or have a 2nd person start with the...
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    Leave it in, or cut it out

    i would say if it were a newer truck i would take it out due to vehicles nowadays being hacked. Yes there are some smart theives out there!! However, it being a 2010, it would make no difference either way. Peice of mind says leave it in.
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    5.7 vs 6.4 hemi

    honestly i havent used HEMI Fever yet but i have talked to him. He seems like you could still use Diablo but just not in its packaged condition. he has you send the tuner to him and he does something to it that basically unlocks it; from what i understand. He also has them to buy that he has...
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    5.7 vs 6.4 hemi

    This company is in North Carolina and can help with whatever tune you may need that is close to you. If you have a Diablo I3 tuner, they can unlock the tune in a box and offer a better tune for your application. Hemifever Tuning
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    Cam specs,,, ol' hemi tick,,, MDS delete

    most all the modern vvt hemi engines use the same type of cam. no matter if its a 6.4, 6.1 or the 5.7. case in point i used a charger cam in mine and still retained the stock vvt with no modification. its a non mds cam also. the 1500, 2500, 3500 is immaterial. its the same engine block design...
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    MDS delete or not?

    if you decide to delete it then the price can be cheaper on you during the replacement. how much either way is dependent on how you want the engine set up after the rebuild. these are roller engines meaning they are roller lifter's an cam's. that said there is little to no break-in after the...
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    3.0L Hurricane Updates?

    im hoping in the not so far future we find out that this whole EV fad is just that, a fad; and they bring back the real engines from the muscle car days.
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    5.7 vs 6.4 hemi

    so i'm told that the 5.7 is a cheaper platform for gaining power if you do the work yourself. that said it begs to mention that the new 6.4l have MDS and yes they have cam and lifter issues as well. MDS is NOT a bad system if you maintain your vehicles well. regardless it is still a crap shoot...
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    Trailer wiring issue

    It sounds like it may be a fuse possibly??? Coming from the 18 wheeler side of the house, the big rigs separate running lights from marker lights in the interest of amperage draw. This is why there is a 7 way and a flat 4 on the truck. ALSO the do sell adapters to adapt the 7 way down to a 6...
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    It smokes

    blue = oil !!!! probably valve seals. at worst its piston rings or head gasket. premature failure for sure. that has warranty written all over it! does it have power or performance issues? If not i would be inclined to think its valve seals.
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    Help Please! Vibrations… Not the good ones

    Just like the thread has mentioned it can be a number of things. First don't always assume which wheel it is coming from, especially on a 4x4. I had a 4x4 and had a bearing go out and swore it was the Passenger Side front and turned out to be the Drivers Side front, The only way to tell is to...
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    Tell me this isn't lifter tick...

    without getting heavy into it, 1) do you still have MDS and 2) have you lost power/performance any? True it could be a exhaust tick but you would know if its down on power as you drive it. If a lifter and cam lobe is bad (not always) you will feel a miss or it will feel low on power. especially...
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    Issues after cam swap

    did you have the lifter cam issue the reason for replacing the cam? the timing marks on the crank should be at the 6 o'clock position and then line the chain marks up with the crank and cam sprockets. as for the codes it sugests it might be the VTT solenoid under the intake and right behind...
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    3.0L Hurricane Updates?

    makes total sense now. thank you!
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    3.0L Hurricane Updates?

    my point was the practicality for the added hp and torq. why put in a 2nd turbo when they could have just upgraded to a bigger turbo to begin with. the turbo could give you the torq for pulling to help the little 6 cyl
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    3.0L Hurricane Updates?

    nothing will ever replace the power, torq, longevity and versatility of the modern V8. try as they will a 6cyl anything is still missing 2 cylinders!! That said the whole thing with the twin turbsky's needs to be upgraded to a bigger single turbo in the trucks. to my knowledge they were supposed...
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    5.7 Hemi Is this my head gasket?

    i agree with everybody in the thread. i would do a thorough flush of the cooling system and then do a pressure test to see if you can find the leak. i cant remember but if i'm not mistaken isn't the cooler lines leading to the heater core in the cab located right next to the t-stat housing...
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    2014 5.7 misfire, now won't start.

    i've stated this before in some other threads similar to this one. You state that it ran smooth briefly with starting fluid yet the codes are for a transmission and cyl 7. anther member posted it could be a fuel-pressure regulator which i could definitely see. What i posted in other threads is...
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    newbie to towing

    Ok you got me! I have never had a truck that had a factory brake controller. I understand that the onboard computer most likely takes all that into account. Maybe Im missing something in that. Im just used to having my own control of my rig. With that said please help me fill in the blanks.
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    newbie to towing

    So let me clarify then. Im not disagreeing with you. In my experience it all depends on the load your pulling. I personally like my trailer - under load - to START grabbing as I push on the brake pedal. Thus stopping both together at the same time. This is what i meant when i said that i wanted...
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    newbie to towing

    i agree with the thread as well. if you have never backed a trailer then try to not get yourself into a position where you have to back if you can help it. sometime you cant help it i understand. the reason i say that is backing is a skill that can be learned and taught easily. However, Backing...
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    2012 RAM 1500

    need more info to help diagnose. have you hauled any heavy loads or have you ever changed the bearings in the rear drive? is the pop from one side or during acceleration or hard braking?
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    Premature rotor problem

    As an option, You can replace the rotors with drilled and slotted rators - believe it or not - from Amazon! And they are not as expensive as you might think!! I replaced mine (all 4) for roughly $300 USD and it came with Detroit Axle brake pads for all. (price is just for the parts)