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    Alfaobd 2018 Ram 1500 Express

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    Anyone know where to find a rack and pinion?

    I wonder if you're steering position sensor could cause this.
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    Tiny clunk in my steering is still driving me crazy

    I've got the same issue in my 2017 1500. Inner and outer tie rod ends are good, I replaced the steering intermediate shaft under the hood, and I fixed a steering rack mount that I thought may have had something to do with it. None of this has worked. I do have the bushings to put in the...
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    Any opinions on brake rotors appeciated

    Raybestos Element 3 rotors and pads work great for me.
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    Loose CV Shafts/Intermediate Shaft

    To follow up on this post, new CV shafts, the kit discussed above, and two lower ball joints were all installed at the same time and the vibration is finally gone. The ball joints were loose but since I've had this vibration since even back when they were tight I don't believe they were the...
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    Loose CV Shafts/Intermediate Shaft

    OEM 275/60r20 good years. A leveling kit spacer though. I think it's only 1" but maybe slightly more.
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    Unknown and inconsistent vibration

    Direct experience. How about you?
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    Unknown and inconsistent vibration

    It's wear on the splines of the front CV shafts.
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    Is it possible to add a volume knob on a 5 inch bezel with a 8.4 inch screen
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    Lifter Tick

    Wow! Doesn't sound good. Mine has a very slight tick but I can only hear when going through a drive-thru With it bouncing off the wall at idle. I guess mine's not so bad after all. I'm no expert but I can't imagine any kind of oil, additive, different filter, etc... is going to stop that.
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    DIY: 2013-2017 RA3/RA4 8.4" Radio Upgrade/HVAC Conversion

    Put in an 8.4 and steering wheel with radio controls and kept the 5.0 bezel a while back. I just recently picked up an 8.4 manual temp control bezel on FB marketplace, got a good deal on a module from 18Harvest and got the conversion harness from Mpgrimm2 and completed the conversion. Great...
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    Rack and Pinion needs to be replaced on my 2019 Ram 1500

    Never heard of this. It seems hard to believe.
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    Grab Handles

    What year is your truck? It should hold you regardless. I'm just curious because I'm thinking of taking my running boards off when will have to pull on those handles more myself. Hope you're okay.
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    Loose CV Shafts/Intermediate Shaft

    No luck finding part numbers, dimensions, or anything else for the bearings so I can buy good quality ones. I guess I will have to go with the ones in the kit and hope they hold up.
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    Loose CV Shafts/Intermediate Shaft

    Well, the only big deal is if I can't find OEM level quality bearings individually. I was told that RAM doesn't sell them separately but I will look again and look aftermarket.
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    Loose CV Shafts/Intermediate Shaft

    Yes, I will see if I can find them by themselves. It seems like they may be hard to find that way.
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    Loose CV Shafts/Intermediate Shaft

    I did find a video after I posted this where a guy did it without removing it from the truck. It seemed like it went well that way. Also, I agree about not reusing bearings in general but in this case I was just thinking the OEMs are going to be much better quality than the ones in this kit...
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    Loose CV Shafts/Intermediate Shaft

    At highway speed. Especially bad around 70 and up. Also, I replaced the right side CV a year ago and it improved some for a while. Now it is really loose and the vibration is worse again. Definitely far from what anyone would consider normal.
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    Loose CV Shafts/Intermediate Shaft

    My 2017 1500 has a vibration I can't get rid of and lots slop in the right CV shaft where it goes into the diff/intermiediate shaft. I replace the CV shaft a year ago and it improved but still had movement and is now quite bad again. It looks like i am going to have to replace the right...
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    Links to my questions.

    I have a leveling kit in my 2017 that's up around 96K miles now and it doesn't seem like it short in the life of my front end. I bought the truck used so I don't know how many miles ago it was put in but it was at least 50K miles ago
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    Poor FOBIK design - ideas?

    So, while the remote start function is not as easy as GM and others when actually trying to start the truck it's somehow much easier to start by mistake while the remote in your pocket. Even worse is how easy it is to set off the panic alarm by mistake. It seems like I do that several times a...
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    If You Are Considering A Retractable Tonneau Cover, This is the One to Get

    Don't worry we are not far behind you. Woke mind virus and socialism is destroying us quickly. Our cost of living is going through the roof fast!
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    Enough is enough!

    Imo, there will be more accidents and injuries if more people have to drive with dimmer lights. DOT approved lighting is already on the books. I agree that this is sometimes a problem but I think the opposite might be a bigger problem. I don't feel confident this legislation would end up...
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    Amazing truck with no problems

    This is great to hear! I hope I have this much luck. I've had to replace the exhaust manifolds So far. Also seem to have a problem with the electric power steering that may need replacement.