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  1. jimboschnitz

    Woman problem???

    Here in Texas, 3 1/2 year old Ecodiesel with 62000 miles and after sitting 2 weeks after a knee surgery the battery was dead. Tried charging it but it was no use. AAA towed it to the dealer and it was confirmed the battery was no good. I have never experienced this before. I bought a 2016...
  2. jimboschnitz

    It does it all by itself!

    Ditto on getting the FOB our of your pocket.
  3. jimboschnitz

    My Dodge Dealership just called, Ecodiesel Recall Fuel Pump

    Since I have virtually the same vehicle as 20Indyram, I'm truly amazed at his fuel economy. My Ecodiesel has 65,000 miles on it and my pump was replaced about 4000 miles ago. I haven't noticed any difference in fuel economy since, but I have never been able to get over 26 mpg on a consistent...
  4. jimboschnitz


    I bought a used 2016 Lonestar that had a clean Carfax. When I bought it I noticed the front bumper was a little bent but could see no other damage. I ended up trading it 3 years later and the carfax then showed and accident prior to my purchase. I think I bought the truck that Scottly traded...
  5. jimboschnitz

    Battery maintainer for Long term storage

    I would definitely get a maintainer. I have a 2020 Limited with the Ecodiesel/ 60,000 miles. I recently had knee surgery and the truck did not get started or moved for a little over 2 weeks. Never concerned me as we went on a Cruise last August and the vehicle sat for almost 2 weeks then and...
  6. jimboschnitz

    Getting an appointment for dealer service

    Many dealers in my area to choose from but have found 2 close by that are pretty accomodating. Usually I can get service from one of the other within a couple of days. Big markets have more choices so I hope you can take advantage. If you're in a smaller market with only 1 dealer then my...
  7. jimboschnitz

    Dang automatic brake

    If you manually release the parking brake even with the system set for auto activate in Drive mode, you don't even need your seatbelt fastened and the Brake will release. I got tired of putting my seat belt on and off whenever I was backing my boat into the lake etc., and did not want to...
  8. jimboschnitz

    Max Care quote for my used 2021 Classic Warlock: No?

    I know my situation is different as my 2020 has the Ecodiesel and not the Hemi. My rationale for purchasing an extended service contract (not a warranty) was the potential for major issues with the engine post the factory powertrain warranty. My contract goes to 8 years/125,000 miles and was...
  9. jimboschnitz

    4x4 with no tow hooks?

    According to the Ram website, tow hooks are standard equipment on models Rebel and up. If you want tow hooks on a Lonestar, Big Horn or lessor models you have to order the off road package. Sorry you're disappointed but due diligence should be utmost when purchasing a new vehicle. Don't blame...
  10. jimboschnitz

    Auto high beams no?

    I'm guessing you've already visited your vehicle settings and haven't seen the opportunity to activate auto high beam? Just asking.
  11. jimboschnitz

    First time Ram owner - Transmission question?

    If you go to your settings it allows you to activate HSA. You have to enable it.
  12. jimboschnitz

    Should You Use Nitrogen in Your truck Tires?

    When my in dash pressure shows deviation from the norm, I have a digital guage I use to check and fill. I spoke to the service advisor at Costco and told him my experience and he said in so many words that even with nitrogen you will get temperature fluctuation. I asked specifically about 10...
  13. jimboschnitz

    Mopar MaxCare warranties vs Dealer extended warranties

    Correct, the price goes up as the mileage is accumulated on your vehicle. I purchased 8yr/125,000 mile Mopar Service Contract, not an extended warranty at the time I bought the vehicle. If I had waited until the basic warranty was expired the contract would have been more expensive. To me it...
  14. jimboschnitz

    Should You Use Nitrogen in Your truck Tires?

    I had my last tires replaced at Costco and apparently they claim to have filled the tires with Nitrogen. My belief was that nitrogen filled tires eliminate moisture and that pressure fluctuation is minimal. However, when I left the store my tire pressure was supposed to be set at 36psi but my...
  15. jimboschnitz

    2025 Ram Rebel Air Suspension

    Just one more vote for the air suspension. My 2020 Limited has 60,000 miles and have zero problems. I live in North Texas but have spent winter trips in Colorado, Wyoming and Wisconsin with no issues anywhere. The Limited comes with the auto deploy steps and I love them.
  16. jimboschnitz

    Good news we're fixing your recalled HPFP! Bad news we broke your fuel lines in the process!

    Ditto on Maxcare warranty or any of the factory sponsored service contracts.
  17. jimboschnitz

    Air suspension vs. no- major difference on 2021 1500?

    I disagree with Dilligaf. I had a 2016 Lonestar with standard suspension and my 2020 Limited came standard with the air suspension. The ride is completely different and when towing my boat I can really tell the difference. I have 60,000 miles on my Limited and am entering my 4th winter in...
  18. jimboschnitz

    Tire Runout on brand new tires

    Don't have anything against Walmart but refuse to go there. My question to anyone who goes there for tires is what's the draw? Is it because they're cheaper? It surely can't be they know more about tires than a real tire dealer. I've never priced tires there because I've found very...
  19. jimboschnitz

    2020 2500 limited mega cab diesel on coil springs or 2024 2500 limited mega cab diesel with self leveling air suspension ?

    I've got a 2020 1500 Limited with the air suspension and for 60,000 miles have had zero problem I love the ride and when compared to the 2016 with springs, the ride is much smoother. I definitely notice the difference when pulling my boat. I also love the fact that I can lower the suspension...
  20. jimboschnitz

    I need a dash mat!

    I purchased a Dash Mat and it fits perfectly. Holes for speakers, sensors etc.
  21. jimboschnitz

    Diesel or Gas?

    The only reason the gas trucks have a higher towing capacity is because the added weight of the diesel engine reduces the GVWR and the tow rating. Highest tow rating is with a gas engine and a 2 wheel drive short cab......lightest truck available.
  22. jimboschnitz

    Why Diesel Engines are More Fuel Efficient than Gasoline Engines

    As a proud owner of my second EcoDiesel I will say the tradeoff between a gasser and a diesel is all pretty subjective. As for operating costs, today diesel fuel in my area of Texas is about $1 more than a gallon of gas. However, I've done some calculations and based on the difference in fuel...
  23. jimboschnitz

    Passenger front tire just fell off!

    I agree with others to contact Stelantis. At 23K if you are still under the 3/36 warranty should cover it. Dealer should not make the call without consulting factory rep.
  24. jimboschnitz

    Lemon Law

    The fuel economy chart you put together is real nice except you forgot one other data point that needs to be taken into consideration. Average speed between fillups. That info is available from your trip meter. miles driven divided by time. That will put things into a better perspective...
  25. jimboschnitz

    4x4 or 2wd limited slip

    I agree with RamInSC. You don't need it until you do. All my P/U's and SUV's were 4X4 and I would never own one without. You never know when an emergency situation is going to require four wheel drive. Worth the extra money for a little more peace of mind.