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  1. kdoublep

    For the guys who think deactivating the mds via a tune is a good idea

    Ram doesn't care if your lifters fail due to MDS. My truck barely goes into MDS mode on its own...Not enough to rely on MDS for proper that negates RAM caring right there. You really have to drive like a g-ma to get MDS activated. That's not possible where I live. Live by...
  2. kdoublep

    4x4 with no tow hooks?

    Tow hooks look cool even if you dont use them. I made sure to put some on. They're also for recovering your vehicle. I wouldn't recover anyone in reverse unless it was necessary.
  3. kdoublep

    Why can't I find any LED headlights for my 2023 Ram 1500 classic?

    My 2020 BH came with the "hack"ogens. I replaced the bulbs with Lasfit His and lows and auxito Yello Fogs. I haven't had any issues since I replaced them 2 yrs ago. All I did was adjust my lights a bit lower. Never been flashed. Doesn't quite compare to my wife's LEDs on her 2022 Teluride...
  4. kdoublep

    Hurricane durability questions?

    I personally still think better days are coming. Especially if we can get a new administration to run the joint.
  5. kdoublep


    That's my third grade teacher. I mean that's what we called her.
  6. kdoublep

    Remove your bed to cab seal asap!

    Just lube her up. She'll slide instead of rub.
  7. kdoublep

    Pedal Commander causing MGU failure?

    I've heard of the PC causing issues for some but haven't heard this one yet although I just saw another thread on a failed MGU with nothing mentioned about a PC. Could very well be coincidence.
  8. kdoublep

    Locking diff only in 4 low?

    Traction control is the enemy when stuck. Did you turn it off? It was probably braking that wheel.
  9. kdoublep

    Should I order a 25

    Not my money but your truck is pretty new with a Hemi non e-dork. The market is still whacky. I'd enjoy the hemi for a while longer.
  10. kdoublep

    Best LED fog lights?

    Probably comes down to you at this point. You probably have info overload. I'd go with diodes.
  11. kdoublep

    *Mechanic refusing trans build info*

    He should at least provide an itemized list of major parts. I would not be happy with that answer either. Not sure of the laws up there though.
  12. kdoublep

    Top speed

    I remember in the late 80's I think the F40 was street legal and could hit 200mph.
  13. kdoublep

    LED headlights alfaOBD and resistors?

    I just tried installing some auxito led blinking brake lights. They did not work in synch and sometimes they didn't work at all so I put the stock ones back. I tried reversing them , etc. No joy!
  14. kdoublep

    2024 Laramie has red turn signals

    Amazing that I had to go check. You'd think you would know. I've had my tail lights removed several times. Confirmed mine are amber.
  15. kdoublep

    Fluid Change after many miles?

    We drive Rams though
  16. kdoublep

    Throttle body gasket

  17. kdoublep

    Top speed

    My brother was Air Force but never stationed here. By crab island. Very cool. I fish down there sometimes by the harbor.
  18. kdoublep

    Top speed

    No way. Really? That's crazy! What base? Ft. Walton? Eglin?
  19. kdoublep

    Official Redline SI-1 thread.

    I change every 7000 to 7500 miles.
  20. kdoublep

    Official Redline SI-1 thread.

    I got 2 coming. I was thinking about running 2 through in about a 2 week period then go every oil change. Any thoughts on this?
  21. kdoublep

    Official Redline SI-1 thread.

    It's @Burla 's fault lol
  22. kdoublep

    Official Redline SI-1 thread.

    I just did subscribe and save on 2 bottles every 6 months. $28.75 for 2.
  23. kdoublep

    Official Redline SI-1 thread.

    I have to admit I thought Techron would hang.
  24. kdoublep

    Official Redline SI-1 thread.

    Awesome! Thanks @Burla. It's been in my list. I've only used Techron once and a lubegard fuel treatment once. How often would you do it? I'm at 67K. Did techron about 3 months ago. Lubegard about 6 before that. Those were the only times I added anything to the tank in 3 yrs.
  25. kdoublep

    Top speed

    The t top in the bay? It was like 2004 or 2005 I think.