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  1. LemmysDad

    Bolt thing in windsheld does anyone know what this is???

    Mount for the upper console containing all the electronics? Looks like it’s not equipped as such. My best guess lol.
  2. LemmysDad

    Horn Honks 3 times after lock need help

    Had some weird gremlins going on with my truck. One of them being the cooling fan running full time. It was louder than the hemi and annoying as hell. Had it in the dealer for another issue (driver side window actuator) and asked about the fan running full time. Dealer ran diagnostics and...
  3. LemmysDad

    General grabber at/x tires

    Ran Grabber ATX on my 2018 1500 and they were the best tires I have ever put on a truck. Highly recommend. Went through everything weather wise that Ontario could throw at them and had great tread wear too.
  4. LemmysDad

    Stupid flashing blue light

    Weird. Why?
  5. LemmysDad

    AMP vs Go Rhino Power Running Boards

    In Canada (not sure if it’s the same in the US) RAM offers a rebate to have running boards installed if you have a note from your doc stating some type of impairment ie back, knees, etc. I believe it was up to $700 CDN. I’m not sure if it applies to the power running boards, but if it does it...
  6. LemmysDad

    Rebel Level

    Got a 22 Rebel that I want to level. Since it already has Bilstein 4600s and the 1” lift does it make sense to just use front spacers or should I upgrade the shocks to 5100s? I’m also considering the Falcon shocks but need to wait due to picuniary limitations. I’m ok with the factory set up...
  7. LemmysDad

    Replacing Front Wheel Studs

    Ok perfect thank you. I guess I have to suck it up and get on the ground and have a look. Thanks again.
  8. LemmysDad

    Replacing Front Wheel Studs

    Need a little help. While rotating my tires I messed up the threads on one wheel stud on each of the front sides of my 22 Rebel. It occurred when replacing the locking lugs. I think they weren’t seated properly in the socket. And maybe I was in a bit of rush, maybe lol. Anyway they stripped the...
  9. LemmysDad

    Rust Proofing - do these things still rot out?

    I pulled my Hellwig from my 2018 Sport and put it on my 2022 Rebel. Before I did I wire wheeled all the rust then rust washed it, primed and painted it. After a year and a half it still looks good. I don’t think the Hellwig is meant for the Canadian winter salt and beet brine beating. The paint...
  10. LemmysDad

    VHR RAMConnect Issue - Powertrain MIL

    Thanks was hooked up to OBD. No codes found. I’m thinking that it’s some glitch in the super helpful new technology.
  11. LemmysDad

    VHR RAMConnect Issue - Powertrain MIL

    RamCares I tried this and the alert is still showing on RAMConnect and I’m receiving multiple VHRs some claiming everything is in good working order and some saying there is a powertrain MIL. Very concerning as I’m not certain which is correct my truck or the VHR. Also, how can I be sure my MIL...
  12. LemmysDad

    VHR RAMConnect Issue - Powertrain MIL

    I received my December Vehicle Health Report from RAMConnect for my 2022 Rebel and it claims that there is an MIL on for my powertrain. I’m fairly vigilant when it comes to watching for these things and have never noticed any MIL displayed and there are no stored messages in my info centre. And...
  13. LemmysDad

    Cargo Sliding

    Same. Love that thing.
  14. LemmysDad

    Touch up bumper paint?

    Yeah I feel like it’s the worst powder coat ever. I have the silver and black bumper and the coat has many “chips” or flakes in it. May just plastic coat mine all black. Was wondering about touch up paint for it now I know lol.
  15. LemmysDad

    Love this 1500

    Had an 07 Mega Cab 1500, 18 Sport 1500 Night Edition and now a 22 Rebel. Love them all. Absolutely loved the MC until my daughter wrote it off (it kept her safe so very happy for that). The Sport and now the Rebel make me smile every time I drive.
  16. LemmysDad

    bell rings three times

    Not to be disagreeable but my truck does the same three chimes at start up and I live about 20km on a backroad out of a town that has only one stop light with no red light camera. It does three chimes when I do venture into the city with red light cameras everywhere. Freaked me out when it first...
  17. LemmysDad

    Sucks to be poor - Rant

    Good wife.
  18. LemmysDad

    Ambient lighting dial

    I think you can change that in settings. If you have it set to auto your dash/interior lights dim/brighten at designated times and I believe it overrides the ambient light dial. In manual you can dim/brighten as needed.
  19. LemmysDad

    Jack stands

    My wife holds my truck up while I work under it. I can trust her, right???
  20. LemmysDad

    Speech recognition

    Turn off voice recognition in settings. Unless you’re inadvertently hitting the “voice” button on the steering wheel.
  21. LemmysDad

    What windshield washing fluid do you use?

    My son ran out once so we made some with some soapy water and moonshine I made a while back. Worked well but his truck smelled like 150 proof every time he used it. But it didn’t freeze in minus stoopid cold.
  22. LemmysDad

    What windshield washing fluid do you use?

    Do you use rubbing alcohol to keep it from freezing? Or does it have antifreeze in it? Or maybe you’re lucky enough to live where things don’t freeze lol.
  23. LemmysDad

    ERS Mode Issue?

    2022 Rebel with approximately 25000km on it. Twice in the past week my truck has gone into ERS mode on its own while I was accelerating. Once from a 50kmh zone to an 80kmh zone and once coming out of my driveway onto a plowed but snowy road. Both times in 4WD Auto. The first occurrence the tires...
  24. LemmysDad

    Ram Connect not playing nice with UConnect 5

    Have had some of the same issues mentioned previously. Recently, I’ve been trying to renew my convenience package for the Ram connect app. I started the process in late December 2022. To date, due to unresolved technical issues on their end I have not been able to renew. It’s been almost over a...