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  1. Longhorn1500

    5th Gen new style tow mirrors install on 4th gen....

    How about these...
  2. Longhorn1500

    5th Gen new style tow mirrors install on 4th gen....

    Have you thought about installing GM style mirrors on your truck? I believe you can get aftermarket kits that bolt right up.
  3. Longhorn1500

    Longhorn Dashboard Delamination

    Well, CarMax finally got our dash pad and we were able to take the truck in for the repair. It came out great! It took a while, but the final product is really nice. CarMax gets two thumbs up.
  4. Longhorn1500

    What grease/lube for power running boards?

    Someone on a forum (not sure if it was this one) recommended silicon spray lubricant, they said that they spray some on the pivot points after every wash. For my new to me '19, I sprayed them with silicone the first time a week ago. We'll see how it works.
  5. Longhorn1500

    Installed On-board Battery Maintainer

    I just finished the installation of a NOCO GENIUS2, 2A Smart Car Battery Charger on my truck. Since the truck sits for long periods, I thought it would be nice to be able to keep the batteries topped off. I previously installed a power inlet plug on the rear bumper that I use to power both an...
  6. Longhorn1500

    Banks iDash Parameters

    Hey there @Nugnug . Please tell me what you found for this. I cannot find it for mine. Thank you!
  7. Longhorn1500

    Tesla Trucks rusting

    Yes, do not use stainless steel for anything structural in salt water. The alloy will become a battery due to dissimilar metals in an electrolyte (salt water) and cause corrosion, it's called crevice corrosion. Many areas use salt and other brines (electrolyte) on icy roads...
  8. Longhorn1500

    Cummins $1.6 billion dollar fine!!!

    Probably some kind of non disclosure agreement.
  9. Longhorn1500

    SIM Card removal?

    Just curious, is your reason for doing this to disable the ability to be tracked? I have a similar question: How do I turn off the 5G? I've looked in the settings and cannot find it.
  10. Longhorn1500

    More EV Wintertime Fun

    Me too. Have two vehicles, a RAM 2500 CTD, and a Nissan Leaf (the poor man's EV). The car has a nominal 200 mile range, depending on time of year. In western Washington the temperatures rarely get to the extremes, so an EV is useful year round. We pay on average $0.13 per kWh, so an EV is...
  11. Longhorn1500

    More EV Wintertime Fun

    I too live in a rural community. No natural gas here either. I heat with wood, have for forty years now, when it gets cold just put more wood in the stove. I have no idea how much CO2 I have pumped into the environment, and frankly I don't care. The trees and everything green needs CO2. You...
  12. Longhorn1500

    Led fog light

    I'm curious too. My 19 2500 has LED fog lights that I would like to replace with yellow. I believe they are H11 builds. The ones mentioned above look pretty good.
  13. Longhorn1500

    Ceramic Coating

    I too like your flags! The truck looks great too!!
  14. Longhorn1500

    Longhorn Dashboard Delamination

    We actually went to an auto upholstery shop before CarMax ordered our part. The shop would not touch it because of the airbag in the dash.
  15. Longhorn1500

    2019 Dodge Ram - Dash Trim Replacement

    "Only" $1,008, aye!!
  16. Longhorn1500

    Longhorn Dashboard Delamination

    I purchased a 2019 Longhorn 2500 four months ago from CarMax. The leather dash is bubbling up. CarMax ordered a new dash pad in September. The dash pad is supposed to be in next month. I will let you know how it comes out. This is all being covered by CarMax (!). As a side note, the...
  17. Longhorn1500

    2019 3500 6.7 won't start after fuel filters changed.

    @Gary Hogan , any resolution on this?
  18. Longhorn1500

    Ryobi P262 Impact wrench on sale

    Just ordered one, thank you for the tip!! I have several Ryobi brushless tools, never had an issue with them, and I don't baby them.
  19. Longhorn1500

    Banks idash gauge pod install

    I really like the two-tone trucks. My previous one, '14 Longhorn 1500, was also two-tone.
  20. Longhorn1500

    Banks idash gauge pod install

    Nick looking truck, here's mine.
  21. Longhorn1500

    Banks idash gauge pod install

    By the way, what year and model is your truck? Edit: Now I see it, 2020 Laramie.
  22. Longhorn1500

    Banks idash gauge pod install

    Yeah, I had to look twice at your picture to make sure it wasn't my truck! I painted my pod with some camo flat paint I got from the hardware store. So far I'm liking the gauge. If I like it enough, I might even get the dual pod setup.
  23. Longhorn1500

    Banks idash gauge pod install

    Man oh man, that looks identical to mine. Installed mine last week.
  24. Longhorn1500

    Egr cooler

    So, you are saying it's not good to drive the truck with this issue because it could damage those components? What about all that coolant going through the engine? I assume that's where it goes first. But then I don't have the best understanding of these emission systems.
  25. Longhorn1500

    Banks iDash Installation

    Thank you all for the suggestions. I don't think my truck has a pre-turbo EGT. Please correct me if I am wrong.