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  1. HM_SanDiego

    Drying Towels

    I have used these microfiber towels for vehicles for years - they work well, and are fairly inexpensive - I can dry my pickup with 2 towels Like other comments - wash separately without fabric softener and hang dry - a good wash and wipe down with these on the glass, and I generally avoid using...
  2. HM_SanDiego

    Battery Replacement Coming Soon

    I concur with most of the comments - I replaced my 2018 oem battery in Feb. 2023 in my Ram 1500 with a Wally-World AGM = $185 otd. I recommend avoiding the Optima batteries - I used to run them in off-road vehicles, But when their production moved to Mexico, the Optima batteries were...
  3. HM_SanDiego

    Time to replace my 2018 PW battery? Suggestions

    My experience with car/truck/motorcycle batteries has been anything beyond 4 years actual in vehicle use = that battery is on borrowed time. As several folks have offered, there simply are not that many vehicle manufacturers worldwide, and most have pretty similar if not identical warranties...
  4. HM_SanDiego

    Dreaded tailgate meets trailer jack

    Assuming you are or will be engaging a professional Body shop (via your Insurance), they will replace the tailgate, if it is aluminum. I recently had something in my garage overhead storage Fall on the wife’s car, which as it turns out has an all Aluminum hood…..2-3 size-able dents……I went to my...
  5. HM_SanDiego

    Need an opinion on trading

    Not intending to be a jerk, but you probably have some harsh life changes coming to your life, in your near and long term future - most significantly with money management/spending habits. The only thing(s) you can count on is Death and Taxes…… In actuality, on a $60k truck purchase, you spent...
  6. HM_SanDiego

    Poor gas mileage

    As someone said - change the plugs & plug wires out, and as many have stated, drive with restraint - keep it under 75 on the freeway, no jack rabbit starts, coast when you can, use the cruise control as much as you can - you gettin 13 mpg’s on the Highway/Interstate tells me your right foot is...
  7. HM_SanDiego

    2500 or 3500 for 5th Wheel Retirement Towing

    I went through the stepping stone approach with RV’s and tow truck vehicles - 1/2 ton with a 23ft Toy Hauler, 3/4 ton Cummins with a 30ft fifth wheel Toy Hauler, and finally a 3500 1-ton Dually Crew cab Cummins with a 35ft Toy Hauler……Buying once and crying once does come to mind, although this...
  8. HM_SanDiego

    Towing Help! 2023 Ram 1500 5.7L V8 eTorque, 4x4, Crew Cab, short bed, 3.21

    Ratman6161 Nailed it above in Post #15……since you now own a new truck, unless you figure out that you want an RV that requires a 3/4 or 1-ton truck (using these same methods to determine Tow Vehicle Requirements), go shopping for an RV that fits well within your current Truck’s towing limits...
  9. HM_SanDiego

    Well that sucks

    I just replaced my oem battery in my 2018 - almost 6 years of service, which i thought was better than average for duration. What i found most interesting was the almost instant deadness…..Went to start it for a second trip of the day, after having driven it daily for a week, and it almost...
  10. HM_SanDiego

    Anyone Happy with their Battery Tender?

    I am on my 3rd 750ma Deltran Battery Tender brand battery maintainer/tender that I have used on motorcycles For 20+ years. The Deltran tender comes with a 10 year warranty, and the first 2 I had literally lasted 10 years and then just short of 10…..I have since purchased a heartier 3amp version...
  11. HM_SanDiego

    New rear window American flag vinyl graphic

    i love that decal - where did you get it, and how much of a pain was it to install?
  12. HM_SanDiego

    2018 with UConnect 8.4 Screen delaminating.

    I literally just went through this… November as I headed on a road trip for a week, I noticed the upper left corner of my 8.4 connect with nav screen doing the same thing - delaminating, And I had experienced occasionally weird unconnect-going-stupid moments, where it simply shut down, or...
  13. HM_SanDiego

    Needs suggestions for bed cover

    Bottom line - how you will use your truck bed.....? I had a soft tonneau cover on my truck 25 years ago......if all you want to do is have a basic cover over your bed, with very basic out of the weather considerations, and without concern for sincere security and leaving stuff in the bed, the...
  14. HM_SanDiego

    I need a new battery....

    Like many others, I have tried just about all of the name brand batteries out there, from most retailers - Costco, Walmart, Autozone, Pep Boys, etc........I have found no real difference in life span yet - I get 4-5 years out of an automotive battery. Manufacturing has changed a lot in the last...
  15. HM_SanDiego

    Good example of why I prefer more truck than a half ton

    Glad to hear nobody was seriously injured..... It sure “looks” like that is too much trailer, either weight wise or sheer size & length....but on paper, weight is all that matters.... insult to injury in this case, and any similar case = if the investigation determines that the trailer was...
  16. HM_SanDiego

    Tonneau Cover

    Bottom line, as many have pointed out, is how you will use your truck bed.....? I had a soft tonneau cover on my truck 25 years ago......if all you want to do is have a basic cover over your bed, with very basic out of the weather considerations, and without concern for sincere security and...
  17. HM_SanDiego

    Top bed covers

    Assuming the OP is stepping up from a soft cover, the money difference may be a shock, but, I personally believe it is completely worth the investment. That cover from weathertech is almost identical to the Lomax, but the Lomax offers 3 different surface finishes - certainly worth comparing...
  18. HM_SanDiego

    this is the muffler for hemi

    I looked it up - pretty sure the Original post and price with $100 shipping is from an eBay listing......I have seen that type of sale tactic on eBay for years - it looks like $199.97 for the muffler, then $95.01 for shipping plus tax, compared with $399.95 from the big retailers out there - a...
  19. HM_SanDiego


    I drove 400+ miles each way from So Cal to AZ and back in November - got 23+ mpg on the trip to AZ and 22+ mpg on the way home - cruise set at 75 - 2018 Ram Crew Sport 2wd
  20. HM_SanDiego

    Who has installed LEDS in projectors?

    To answer the actual original question, “what does one do with the oem projector headlight bulb dust cover to clear or fit over LED replacement bulbs?” - as a couple members stated, you can: A) buy a set of deeper replacement dust covers (the only vendor offering replacement covers that I am...
  21. HM_SanDiego

    Financing question

    This time of year you “should” easily be able to pick out the truck you want and take 20-25% OFF of MSRP, then add tax & license fees. So, using your example truck msrp of $53750.00 - 25% = $40312.50 + tax & license. Obviously, after you nail that $$$ number down, then you can subtract your...
  22. HM_SanDiego

    URGENT help needed. Key fob stuck

    As others have said - anything under 12v and the battery requires a serious “charger” NOT a maintainer - the latter simply can’t do what the battery needs at that point. A charger will offer 6+ amps, whereas a maintainer offers .75 - 3 amps .....once a battery is discharged below a certain...
  23. HM_SanDiego


    With “regular” cars and trucks, I have found that 4-5 years the average lifespan for today’s automotive batteries. In my wife’s previous car, we put in the super Gee whiz AGM battery, and we got the exact same 4-5 year lifespan......bummer. The AGM battery will run $190+, and Old fashioned wet...
  24. HM_SanDiego

    Steering Wheel click

    Sounds like what I had experienced in my 2005 Magnum wagon, when the plastic clock spring assembly finally went and broke completely. If you also notice your turn signal stalk acting or feeling weird, and or if it gets worse, that would be my guess - the clock spring.