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  1. CrispyBacon

    FULL DETAIL - Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions!

    Well I'm already in month two and it hasn't degraded, that I can tell. I guess I'll post my own update when it finally kicks the bucket.
  2. CrispyBacon

    FULL DETAIL - Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions!

    How long did the TW Ceramic last for you? I've got it on both my vehicles and am loving every minute of it, Jerry!
  3. CrispyBacon

    Aluminum tailgate

    None of that stuff even shows up on mobile! I'll update my truck details when your wife updates her relationship status to "it's complicated"
  4. CrispyBacon

    Aluminum tailgate

    This is the 5th Gen forum....
  5. CrispyBacon

    Aluminum tailgate

    Did you know? Found out with my magnetic work light. The bed is steel, but the tailgate is all aluminum.
  6. CrispyBacon

    Graphene toughness

    From what I've read, graphene might help resist water spots better than ceramic, but that's about it. These "graphene" coatings are just ceramic with some sort of graphene added.
  7. CrispyBacon

    RamBox® Cargo Management System - how common is it?

    I got my truck may of 2023. One year ago. It had been sitting on the lot since November 2022. It wasn't a factory/ram incentive. The discount was only at the dealer level, so nothing was advertised etc. I walked in and they were pushing "anything on the lot, the older the better"....
  8. CrispyBacon

    RamBox® Cargo Management System - how common is it?

    Don't rule out new. I got a 2022 Sport with about $18k knocked off because it was sitting on the lot when the 2023s started rolling in. I paid $64k Canadian for a nearly loaded truck. They also had a 2022 Laramie, which was technically a better deal in terms of their discount, but I didn't...
  9. CrispyBacon

    2024 Laramie Crew-Cab Rear Seats

    No. The tether thingy is explained in the manual. It's a pain in the ass. You feed your tether through the loop behind the headrest, and then across to the loop above the middle seat. The loops are small, though, so it's tricky to fit the buckle thing through.
  10. CrispyBacon

    Opinions on 19 Speaker Harman Kardon sound system

    Do they have more music, now? Last time I tried they were missing a quarter of my library.
  11. CrispyBacon

    Bed covers

    Backflip Revolver x4s is absolutely the bomb.
  12. CrispyBacon

    Opinions on 19 Speaker Harman Kardon sound system

    Quality speakers really sound like crap with low-quality sources.... Spotify vs Amazon Music is huge. Amazon has lossless audio while Spotify is still mp3 quality. I have the HK speakers and the difference between the two streaming services is night and day. Too bad the Amazon app is so awful...
  13. CrispyBacon

    Bed Liner

    I'm on my third truck with Line-x. It's incredible stuff. Well worth the money if you actually plan on using your truck as a truck.
  14. CrispyBacon

    Camping 2024

    We have a more fuel efficient vehicle for trips/camping. I was cruising at 90-100 yesterday for an hour and the computer was telling me 6.5L/100km in my wife's pathfinder. Definitely go, unless the cost of the trip will lose you a house or something.
  15. CrispyBacon

    2024 Ram Limited 1500 - Failed less than 200 miles

    Could be draining power faster than the alternator can supply it
  16. CrispyBacon

    2023 Limited Longhorn Interior Wood Trim

    You can use an interior detailer with uv protection. Don't use anything that will react with the finish. Don't use anything abrasive.
  17. CrispyBacon

    2019 1500 Limited, -30-degree dash light show

    Explaining wind chill to folks is the same as explaining tax brackets.... Can't beat the stupid out of them.
  18. CrispyBacon

    Roll up tonneau cover suggestions

    When you push the final slat down, at the tailgate, an aluminium bar rotates into place, into a tooth built into each slat. Even if you pry up the one end, the bottom of the tooth/groove is still being held down by the aluminum bar. You'd have to pry up several teeth, then climb on top of the...
  19. CrispyBacon

    Roll up tonneau cover suggestions

    How do you use your bed for anything? Like, you have to literally remove the tonneau cover to carry anything taller than the bed walls? I never understood this type of cover.
  20. CrispyBacon

    Roll up tonneau cover suggestions

    Wrong. Look at some videos, is my best way of explaining how it locks. The only place you could pry it open is from the centre of the tailgate (causing major damage). The slats are aluminum and the seals are rubber.... No velcro on it. Additionally, I'm able to run a Adarac ladder rack on top...
  21. CrispyBacon

    Roll up tonneau cover suggestions

    If you want one that you manually roll up, and don't lost any bed space, the Revolver x4s is absolutely rock solid. 99% waterproof, even in winter.
  22. CrispyBacon

    2020 Ram 1500 - swap 26 for 32 gallon fuel tank

    The mopar website is the place to shop. They've beaten my local dealer prices many times.
  23. CrispyBacon

    Malfunctioning 110V outlets, how to check?

    What about a floor lamp with an LED bulb?
  24. CrispyBacon

    Rear Camera Recall

    Over the air updates.
  25. CrispyBacon

    Rear Camera Recall

    I got a letter in the mail. It said dealer can do it, or I can do it. I got a prompt in my truck to install and update.... Thought I did it. Took the truck in for an oil change and they said it hadn't been updated, so they updated it for me.