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    Woman problem???

    Current production batteries seem to barely make it through their warranty period (IF they make it). Best to get a battery from someplace with a decent warranty trade in policy for those times it dies before its time is up. With all the electronics in new vehicles, they tend to get touchy if...
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    4 hours and $900 CAD to change spark plugs?

    Your 2010 sounds like my 2008.... The last 3 plugs, in the back, on the bottom are too much fun! o_O
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    2008 1500 4.7 transmission cooler question

    Thanks for the help. I'll have to figure out the extra miles before I do anything.
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    2008 1500 4.7 transmission cooler question

    I'm planning on getting a smaller trailer (don't want to run near max) in the future, and figure if it wont hurt, it may be a good idea to do.
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    2008 1500 4.7 transmission cooler question

    Good day all, Looking throughout the forums, I see a lot of information about transmission coolers for the 5.7 engine, but not for the 4.7. I have the standard transmission cooler, and was wondering if anyone knew the part number for the HD cooler some came with. I'd like to go to a larger one...
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    This MPG is why I bought the 3.21

    I believe the manifold bolt problem has been around a lot longer than MDS.
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    No underhood light?

    My 2008 doesn't have a light under the hood either. I can't remember now if my 2001 had one or not. Looks like something they may have done away with quite a while ago.
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    Fold out cupholders bouncing all the time

    Does anyone have a good diagram how the cupholder comes out? I've seen a lot of posts talking about them, but have yet to see anything definite about how to get them out. I have a couple of problems with mine, and would like to pull it out without destroying it.
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    How to provide a home for mice

    Ah, rodents. They also enjoy chewing on your wiring. We drove my bf's inherited truck back from Arkansas, and after we pulled the air filter and looked under the fusebox I'm not certain how we managed to make it half way across the country. Between the air filter being stuffed with everything...
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    What is going on at Line-X?

    +1 on material shortages. We just talked to a Line X dealer, they are booking appointments for December, contingent on the material coming in.
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    Repair or Total Loss?

    Ouch. Had a similar issue with my 2001. Kid ran a stop sign and nailed me square on the passenger side tire. Tore the tie rod off and bent the frame. Insurance company totaled it. Sad, because you couldn't really see any damage if you just walked up to it.
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    Is 2008 just a weird year?

    Mine does have the dual plugs. It just seems that if you can search by VIN, that should take care of the problem. I guess I'll have to wait to buy parts until I start pulling things off to be sure.:confused:
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    Is 2008 just a weird year?

    Hey all. Just wondering if anyone else has come across issues when trying to get parts. The first time I came across what seems to be theme with my truck was the first time I bought an oil filter to change the oil. 2008 1500 4.7 Flex will list 2 different size oil filters. Seems Dodge in...
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    Mileage on your 3rd Gen.?

    160000 miles 2008 1500 Quad Cab. Just needing to change out the water pump. Which will be the subject of a different post ;)
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    2008 Third brake light assembly - any good replacements?

    I'll take another look. Maybe I'm missing something. :)
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    2008 Third brake light assembly - any good replacements?

    Thanks, I did see some of those. My main concern with getting a used light is that I suspect it will break around the back of the screw hole like mine did. I may end up with that as a last resort, maybe try to find some way to reinforce it. I was just hoping someone made a similar...
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    Removing rear wheel well liners for better cleaning

    Interesting. I was thinking about adding them to my 2008!
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    2008 Third brake light assembly - any good replacements?

    The third brake light on my 2008 1500 Quad Cab is pretty beat by the sun. I'm looking for a replacement for it, would like to use my existing LED bulbs if possible. OEM style for this year seems almost impossible to find. The reason I would like to use my existing bulbs is because they are...