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    p0308 intermittent

    If you're running 87 octane, upgrade to 89. Clear the codes and try again. I had the same issue with my Challenger, this cured the proble.
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    Anyone else get real nervous after their first oil change at their own hands?

    No more likely doing it yourself. I had a new 2010 Camaro with 15000 miles. Into selling dealer for oil change, and they let me drive it off the lot with no oil at all. I wanted to smack one of the service writers. He told me "No problem the engine has a 100,000 mile guaranty" Rick
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    Broken in Half?

    I had always heard of the 50/50 warranty. If it breaks in half, you get to keep both pieces. Now we have seen one!
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    In-depth look into p0300

    It was not to the extent that you describe, but my Challenger started showing P0300 codes. I did the spark plug change on the cylinders indicated only for it to show different cylinders miss firing. Found on the internet that this could happen with not enough octane. Filled with 91 octane...