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    2019 or 2022 2500s

    Two things to consider: Do you like nanny features and will you be towing a trailer? The 2022 is great but has some annoying nanny features such as beeping loudly whenever you step out with the engine running. Also the 2022 does not have a key, but instead has an oversized fob that sets off...
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    Dear Ram,

    I’ve pondered this question a lot. Yes, you can order specific available options, and avoid fancy trim packages, but the RAM options - like fuel tank - are still lacking. But the problems are not limited to a small fuel tank. What if the following were available? ++ All the great basic...
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    Rear trailer camera added

    Resolution on my 2022 is quite good.
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    Owners Manual

    I too dislike the electronic trend as I suspect it is applied, but FCA could turn this lemon into lemonade. My '22 Tradesman has a physical owner's manual, but it is frustrating. It is filled with "if equipped" information that is not applicable to my rig. Often I do not know if mine is so...
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    Need trailer camera, bought this kit, now what?

    Googling that part number indicates it is for a 2022 truck. The illustrations show wire and camera. The camera looks like the one that came with my 2022. Camera and wiring sends a signal to the electronic rear view mirror via a special connection in the bumper. I suggest asking your Ram...
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    8 speed transmission operation

    Recently while hunting I was descending an 8-mile 9 percent grade on a gravel road with continuous tight turns. Truck is 2022 Tradesman 2500, 6.4 hemi, 8 speed trans, towing 2000 pounds. I set electronic range select to 2-1 to save brakes. Going 10 - 20 mph, tach ranged between 2 and 3,000...
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    Why 22" Wheels?

    I have no dispute with other posts on this thread, but will express my thoughts in the hope that FCA is monitoring this. I bought a Ram Tradesman for service, not style. If Ram had only been offered with the stylish oversized low profile tires and foo-foo rims, I would have looked for options...
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    6.4 Replacement Fuel Tank

    Large replacement would be good, but when looking at their website I'm directed to transfer tanks for the 2500. They are asking $1700 for a 40-50 transfers. When I bought our truck, I was unable to find any oversized replacement tank, so I opted for a transfer tank from another vendor. Our...
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    Ordering a No Splice Kill Switch Harness

    Am I understanding that this switch is on the starter circuit, not on a run circuit, so that once started the vehicle will run regardless of switch position? If so then will it not have to be manually switched off to function as intended? And if so, could a push button switch be used to avoid...
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    Does anyone else but me think there are way too many electronics in today's vehicles?

    Agreed. But Ram is better (less bad in that context) than some options. We bought a 2022 Ram and 2022 Honda CRV. Love the Ram in spite of the relatively minor nuisances. Hate the CRV due to all the electronics.
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    Front camera recommendation?

    If you you are looking for a third party camera system, check out Foo Koo on Amazon. I have a 4 camera system, one of which is a "backup camera" in the grille facing forward. Easy install. Records. Works great. They sell a single camera system. Other systems may also work well, but this...
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    Ram design (FCA) feedback

    I found one thread herein from 2018 regarding “feedback loop for manufacturing corrections” but nothing else comparable. Perhaps I’m missing others? This seems a subject that warrants much discussion. New Ram design is good (great actually,) so they’re doing something right, but I suspect...
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    I Hate The Ram Build & Price Website

    I agree with Rayzaa, there are problems. But the build site is good for research prior to speaking with a dealer if you choose to deal direct. If you know ahead of time, for example, that an essential item such as a running board requires a "chrome package," you can simply eliminate that...
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    Can our trucks be hot wired?

    This may not apply to older trucks but might apply to those with the new fobs. That got me to wondering. For those vehicles equipped with upfitter switches, could a key ignition circuit be tied to one of those switches? For example, could the ignition be disabled unless and until, say, switch...
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    Hard to find 0W-40 oil

    If you cut your own firewood, one good option is saving it for chain oil. Yeah, it's not recommended but I've been doing that for 50 years with no problem. I consider it the ultimate recycling, saves money, saves resources.
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    electrical / electronics question

    BossHogg, thank you. Those electrical terms are over my head, but what you say sounds logical. That gives me a starting point and a direction. I will definitely be following up on those suggestions.
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    electrical / electronics question

    Strange issue: I have installed a camera system (Foo Koo) for monitoring views around my towed travel trailer. Cameras are installed on each side of the trailer, allowing continuous split view awareness. Additionally, the system includes trigger wires for each side camera that is supposed to...
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    Towing with the 23 gallon tank

    I recently bought a 2022 gas rig with 31 gallon tank, now towing 7500 pounds. So far, 8 to 9 mpg. In our area gas stations are often widely spaced, and many of those stations just won't accommodate our rig/trailer combo. So I bought a 46 gallon auxiliary tank that sits in the bed. Fuel is...
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    more on the fob

    Okay, I'll close my input into this thread. Thank you all who responded. The transponder key option sounded good, but two locksmiths told me it absolutely would not work with a 2022 fob and the Y170 folks said they were unable to confirm on a vehicle this new. Taking the fob apart and...
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    more on the fob

    Actually my fob works, perhaps too good. The only pockets I have are in my bluejeans. Working in the shop, I bump it and it locks or beeps or whatever else it wants to do. At a campground I bumped it making coffee at 7:30 in the morning, the horn started blasting, and needless to say we were...
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    more on the fob

    I see many discussions re fob problems, but have yet to see the ultimate solution. I know it is a long shot, but has anyone succeeded in replacing the fob with the old tried and true, sensible, key system, eliminating the fob totally? I find it odd that such a beautifully designed truck would...
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    "conditions not met"

    I'm trying to set up the trailer brakes. On one of the trailer tow screens - trailer light check - i'm getting the message "unavailable conditions not met." Does anyone know what that means?