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    Does anyone know what vehicle package in the my 2020 bcm does? Its 1-7 1 is "essence/base" 2 is "sport" and 3 is "luxury" wondering if these may be the key to unlocking additional evic load screens?
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    Any interest for paddle shifters? ( 8 speed )

    Did you do paddle lockout, etc with alfaobd? I also want to say theres "electronic range" option meaning how the "button" shifters work "vehconfig 7 shift feature..." may be something to look at. When I get home i'll swap it over and see if it gives me a range or if "autostick" means hard shift...
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    Adding Front ParkSense

    What did you need to wire in a front cam? I have the frontcam setting turned on but havent bought a kit yet to do it
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    Dodge ram red key

    Hey, I'd like to put our heads together. My snag is stock ecm only allows the change when the vehicle line is an "La- Challenger" or "zd - viper" or "lc charger" When I plug in my tazer it allows me to change the modes via steering wheel "shortcut" but the body style and vehicle line dont match...
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    Hey all, I was able to get performance pages working as well as performance control in my 2016 Rebel What I did was I went into my bcm -> Car configuration change -> Change vehicle line to LD charger (or challenger I suppose havent tried) wait a few minutes, Enter engineeringmode on uconnect...