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    possible suspension issue?

    That's a solid axle truck for ya. My warlock is the same way. Hit some rail road tracks one time and that ass end literally came off the ground.
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    LOL im lost

    Are there any fuses associated to the heated seats ? I'd start there.
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    That's the fuel fill limiter/vent valve. It allows a tank to vent to the carbon canister until a certain point the valve shuts. It's definitely an issue on these and some GM products for some reason.
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    charging voltage

    Not sure with chrysler products but a lot of vehicles need to have a battery relearn when you change them. As the battery ages the pcm adjusts how much voltage the alternator puts out. Quite common on BMW and other euro brands.
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    Coolant flush at dealer

    My 20 classic came with purple
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    Replacing 5.7L Oil Pan because of rust - opinions on choice of pan ?

    Paint whatever you choose with a quality paint and you won't have anymore problems.
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    Soft suspension on a 4x4

    I drive a lot of trucks at work. I'm thoroughly impressed with the balance of ride comfort and handling with the 4th gens compared to GM. Fords are stiffer but you pay for it with **** ride quality.
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    Leaking tie rod boot 2014 ram 1500

    Time for a new rack or rebuild.
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    Armored catalyst !

    Lol as someone who has cut lots of cats of scrap cars, this wouldn't slow me down for even one second.
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    Brake drag or bad alignment?

    Flex line.
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    Tint recommendations?

    It's ammonia that you're not supposed to use on tint.
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    V6 or V8?

    I wouldn't have bought a ram without a hemi.
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    Do you use anti seize or impact drill on your lug nuts

    It does. You have to reduce torque while using a lubricant on threads. There's charts you can use to go by.
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    What noise is this???

    I would say it's an internal issue in the engine. Putting it in drive increases thrust pressures on bearings hence quiet in park but noisy in drive. Could be a bad rod bearing or even a noisy piston/wrist pin.
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    Sllight tick day after new manifold bolts?

    More like bottom end knock than a leak man.
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    Add Auto start/stop aftermarket

    Go buy a Ford you heathen.
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    5.7 Hemi "blew up" by dealership?

    Probably had a bad cam/severe internal engine damage already that had a bunch of idiots shot gunning parts at it.
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    FNG shopping for 14-18, make sure I've covered it all

    With the options you're looking for being so highly specific you might be better off ordering a new classic.... cough...warlock... cough
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    Hemi tick temporarily goes away after oil change?

    You still have a vvt controlled cam so you do need pressure/viscosity to manage valve train. That doesn't change just because mds is disabled.
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    Oil an change 2014 dodge ram 1500 4x4

    Ram front diffs are easy go drop. Go for it man.
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    Why no auto 4 wheel drive?

    You got lucky and got the good one
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    8hp70 deleting just thermostat

    Nothing like chasing a refrigerant leak only to find dye in the trans XD
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    Floor Mats

    Biggest problem I see with those is they don't even cover the sill plate. Huskys can literally fill up, and overflow over the sill plate and out the the truck. I have never had salt on my carpet yet. Unlike weathertech husky stays soft and flexible.