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  1. Joseph Godvin

    Oil Filter leak - Question

    Just tighten the filter yourself, Mine leaks if not really tight.... IMO
  2. Joseph Godvin

    Drum brakes don't work

    Shoes on backwards, short lining faces forward !!+
  3. Joseph Godvin

    How much oil is too much in the 5.7l hemi

    Not a problem at all !!!!
  4. Joseph Godvin

    Higher capacity oil filter

    I switched to a Wix WL10255 Longer filter.... works great !
  5. Joseph Godvin

    Front Wheel Bearing Removal

    Is the housing Aluminum ?? they tend to corrode to the steel bearing, you'll have to heat housing or soak it with "Rust Buster " product, Had to change both front bearings on a Cadillac with Aluminum spindle housing...........What a fiasco !!!! Cleaned old housings with wire wheel and used anti...
  6. Joseph Godvin

    greasin that hitch

    I use Motor is absorbed into the metal and prevents rust, does't leave a greasy coating on surface !!!
  7. Joseph Godvin

    4x4 with no tow hooks?

    My 2016 didn't come with the hooks, I have several trailers, I installed a front 2" hitch for moving trailers around and it came with hooks welded on the side plates !!!
  8. Joseph Godvin

    Tire PSI on a 1500

    Run 39psi on my Michelins
  9. Joseph Godvin

    What grease/lube for power running boards?

    I would recommend " Motor-Kote" spray, as it is a hyper lubricant and is absorbed into the metal parts, which resits moisture to prevent rusting.
  10. Joseph Godvin

    Does this appear to be repairable or totaled

    Repairable !!!!! Easily !!
  11. Joseph Godvin

    1981 D150

    Looks good !! $1500 to $2000 IMO living here in Michigan, this is what there getting for older trucks
  12. Joseph Godvin

    Horrendous sound on cold start

    sounds like power steering pump whine when cold. not unusual at all in cold weather.
  13. Joseph Godvin

    Yet Another Clogged Heater Core

    Bad heater core design, they operate like a radiator, tank on top and bottom. hard to back flush. Old design used a continuous tube that winded from inlet pipe to outlet pipe, whereas it could be back flushed easily. tubes in the new one get clogged farthest from the inlet and outlet, next to...
  14. Joseph Godvin

    Luke warm driver side, hot passenger side

    Cores 1/2 plugged !!!! Been there !!!
  15. Joseph Godvin

    Does this sound like a clogged heater core?

    1/2 plugged core, they changed design years ago, old style were a continuous loop and could be back flushed, new style looks like a small radiator, back flushing doesn't work have to replace core. been there too many times !!!
  16. Joseph Godvin

    Cargo Sliding

    I just use a cardboard box from a refrigerator !!!
  17. Joseph Godvin

    Engine wont start unless push Automatic tranny shifter lever up (column shifter)

    Adjust shift linkage !! or the neutral safety switch if it's outside the trans.
  18. Joseph Godvin

    Balance beads

    I use them all the time, Motorcycle tires, trailer tires, truck tires, been using them for over 35 years.
  19. Joseph Godvin

    Front end rattle over bumps

    Sway bar mounting bushings on frame rattle more than links, many overlook them because they look tight !!
  20. Joseph Godvin

    Electrical help

    My opinion is your way over thinking this........not gonna end well !!! Mechanic for over 40 years.....Not close to being a "parts changer" !!!!
  21. Joseph Godvin

    Gear ratio

    3.92 or 4.10 will work fine
  22. Joseph Godvin

    Bottle jacks and jack stands

    I use Rhino Ramps......high enough to work under truck with plenty of room for changing Oil etc.
  23. Joseph Godvin

    New 2022 2500 with rear end noise??

    Not uncommon to have unmatched gear set from factory, I myself specialized in axle repairs and replacement back in the 70's and 80's at a Dodge Dealership , replaced or repaired hundreds of axles gear sets. used white lead on gears to check patterns and adjust as required.