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    Parking Lamp light

    When I received that message on my 2014 Ram 1500 4x4 Outdoorsman - I found that one of the two center, high-mount brake light bulbs were bad. I don’t know why the truck displayed that message for a brake light bulb? I do know that all my bulbs are correct, OEM bulbs (not aftermarket or LED).
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    2021 Warlock seat belt slow to retract.

    Read your vehicle warranty folders. The seat belt (part of the restraint system) may be covered by Ram’s restraint system warranty, which is much longer than the bumper-to-bumper or power train warranty.
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    Adaptive windshield wiper?

    Did you read your manual to determine how to turn the Rainsense wipers on and off? Did you buy the truck used? It is possible it does not have the Rainsense feature, but the windshield was replaced with one that had the sensors. Are there wires plugged into the back of the sensors?
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    2016 first sign of troubles

    Sounds like a failing battery, and / or loose or corroded battery terminal connector.
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    33” tire reprogram?

    Most dealer programming or reprogramming on newer vehicles is done based upon their VIN - which has specific features and options associated with it. Since your vehicle was not originally optioned with the 33-inch tires, a dealer probably could not program your vehicle’s computer to show it has...
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    Higher capacity oil filter

    The size of an engine oil filter does not always corollate with its operating efficiency. Oil filters must filter at a specific oil pressure and operate at a specific higher oil pressure, enable a certain oil flow volume, be able to filter particles of a certain small size (or larger), hold a...
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    Buying mopar lifters on eBay?

    Just because parts are in a box that you think are OEM boxes, doesn’t mean the box and parts are genuine OEM: I always buy critical OEM repair parts, including engine parts, from a reputable...
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    What's wrong with my brakes?

    Have you examined the caliber slides? Are they clean and lubricated with high-quality brake lube? If not, the brake pads will not move smoothly and can cause a vibration or chatter.
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    Truck got broken into!

    And many in our country accept and make excuses for thieves - “It’s a non-violent crime......”. What happened to our country? Why does our society accept so much crime and disorder, while making excuses for the offenders?
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    battery tray removal

    Is this a “how-to” question?
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    Gas mileage variable

    For every 10 degree Fahrenheit drop in ambient temperature, the vehicle tire pressure will drop about 1 psi. In much colder weather, vehicle tires will become under inflated (unless the driver inflates the tires) - causing a drop in fuel mileage. When the weather warms, the tire pressure will...
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    Replaced radio, now no backup camera or sensors?

    I’m fairly certain that the new radio must be matched to your truck’s VIN.
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    Leaking third brake light 2016

    If you buy a new OEM brake lamp assembly, it comes with a gasket attached. Based upon the part number suffix’s - the part has been updated or revised numerous times. I replaced mine with a new assembly several years ago (instead of adding gasket material) - and have had no leaks.
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    Trying to order a 2023 Classic at but can't get cold weather group and cloth?

    You’ve talked to a dealer salesperson about ordering a new vehicle and they weren’t helpful? What were the issues you encountered with the dealers?
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    AC condenser fan… Again

    Before you replace - have you checked the easy things such as the fuse and the wiring connector?
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    AC condenser fan… Again

    I’m not sure about the OEM fan assembly - but it probably lasted a long time. The (probably made-in-China) aftermarket from O’reilley’s sounds as though it was not the best quality.
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    AC condenser fan… Again

    Did you buy an OEM Mopar fan assembly? If so, the part carries a 24-month replacement warranty:
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    rear cargo light/high mount brake light coming on for no reason

    Do the high-mount cargo lamps and the brake lamps illuminate (or just one of them)?
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    issues after plug change
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    Two things - Multifinction tailgate rainwater and bed divider (2023 limited with 6' bed and soft tonneau cover).

    Any chance the rear covers were not installed by the service department employee that did the pre-delivery inspection and preparation for your vehicle?
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    Evolve Lubricants Inc - Anyone using this?

    Hey hey hey! Didn’t you see post #6?
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    Evolve Lubricants Inc - Anyone using this?

    Here we go........... I hope no one asks what is the best oil filter to use.
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    Could this creates a recall for all 2023+ RAM 1500 Classic with FCW?

    This system sounds very similar to the one that was standard on my wife’s 2014 Impala 2LTZ. If your vehicle detects your closing speed on a vehicle in front of you and determines you MAY strike it, it sounds a VERY loud rapid beeping and flashes red warning lights into the base of the...
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    how to disable auto unlock

    Page 33 of the 2017 Ram print owner’s manual provides instructions on how to enable or disable the Auto Unlock feature, based upon the two types of screens available on the vehicle. Did you read this section, and then the sections referenced?
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    Blower Motor Mystery

    I’m curious - did you use an OEM Ram blower motor assembly each time?

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