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    Waiting on parts - anyone else have this issue?

    I was at my dealer yesterday and checked on getting tailgate hinge for my truck. In conversation, he said there is a big parts supply issue. He has a truck sitting there waiting g for a new engine....its been there 4 months waiting, and just had another waiting g the same and it was just fixed...
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    Increasing Towing/Hauling Capability?

    That looks like half a fifth wheel RV in your bed! I'd look at a set of Pacbrake air bags.
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    What Are the Best Deals and Discounts Out There Now for 2023 New 1500's Still Sitting on Lots ?

    I just listened to "Car Edge " (YouTube) I believed they looked up the current numbers. They could get you an answer I think.
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    1500 hemi towing with 87 vs 89octane

    I thought the same, but MAN! I miss my 06 5.9 CRD
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    0-40 PUP Oil

    I started using the High Mileage version when I had my E350. Ran better than with any others oil I used in a gas engine. I ran it in my Tinder and now this 1500.
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    What did you do with your 5th Gen this week?

    @ANGLICO, that Plasti-dip on the ground straps looks like it will work great!
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    A Little "Oh, Sh!t" Moment

    Glad it didn't happen while on your trip.
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    What did you do with your 5th Gen this week?

    Picked it up from the dealer today with a new gas tank installed. I stopped to get gas and it worked perfect. It looks as though it has a new filler tube as well, though its not on the paper work.
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    What did you do with your 5th Gen this week?

    I'm only laughing as those are what.I plan on going with if I keep the truck, I know my hands will likely suffer the same!
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    What's different about the Gen 5 versus the 4. Any complaints with the Etorque or truck in general??

    Mines going back in again for the fuel system. Doesn't want to take on gas.... Two cracked manifolds...I've owned it less than a year....
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    In the market for 2500, gas versions make annoying noise?

    Do Tue newer 2500s have rear coils????
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    ZF 8 speed transmission fluid change

    I had to do this with my Tundra. I used a jack as well as jack stands to get it level as I could.
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    Highest towing capacity for the 5.7

    Where can you get your max hitch weight? I recall seeing g a dry weight and weight distributing hitch weigh at one time, but can't find it listed anywhere now. TIA
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    1500 vs 2500 for towing travel trailer (downhill)

    Yes I did. The weights were all messed up. But even with that, the truck never exhibited any handling issues other than a low rear end.
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    1500 vs 2500 for towing travel trailer (downhill)

    This is from our 7000k mile trip. The weight slip is done when we got home. The trip was from Southern Illinois, to 29 Palms, (at which time I installed air bags in the rear) up to Spokane, WA via Portland. From there we went down to Vegas, then onward home. The wind was very bad across the...
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    What did you do with your 5th Gen this week?

    Changed the rear diff gear oil. It had just over 50k, of which the last 7k or sow where towing out TT. Man, was that stuff nasty looking!
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    What did you do with your 5th Gen this week?

    @Tulecreeper , no. The stock springs didn't work well with the level I installed on the front, as well, I was not happy with the performance towing or travel trailer. Now the truck is sitting better, and my hope is it tows better. I went with the slight increase in capacity and non variable...
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    What did you do with your 5th Gen this week?

    Installed a set of new CargoMaxx springs, Rough Country spacers and N3 shocks on the rear end.. Now it looks normal to me and hopefully tow much better.
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    new hemi tick video, recommends hellcat oil pump

    @Wild one , thanks for the info. Its helpful. As far as a higher idle, how does that effect the trans as far as harshness going into gear and when sitting at a stoplight? I've not noticed what this truck idles at. Also, I've been accused of driving like an old lady more than once!!
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    new hemi tick video, recommends hellcat oil pump

    This is something I'd like to try, but I'm new to the 5.7 and need to do some research on how difficult a job it is to change it out.
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    What did you do with your 5th Gen this week?

    Picked up the truck after the two exhaust manifolds cracked while on our 1.5 month, 7k mile RV trip...also had the tank pulled and checked for non complete tank fill ups, as well as the auto stop start checked out due to quitting a few ti.we while in these states, due to heat.
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    Estop disable

    I've not seen that device. I believe if you manually select 8th gear with the selector, or put it Tow Haul, it shuts it down.
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    2021 Ram 1500 w/ eTorque - Engine vibration/wobble

    Mine has developed an increasingly frequent vibration or drone, when the truck is moving and letting the truck coast. It almost feels like a bad ujoint or exhaust drone.
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    In honor of Veteran's Day

    I hope you all had a blessed and peaceful Veterans Day. USA, EOD RETIRED 79-99
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    2023 dodge ram filling gas problems.

    Thanks for the update. I'm calling my dealer tomorrow about this very issue!

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