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    For living in southern AZ I would use the lowest temp thermostat around. You could add an after market fan. You can improve the shroud around your exiting fan.
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    Is it the tires, the shop or me…

    I have run several sets of Toyo tires. No problems and they lasted 60k miles. I have never used Proxes on a truck. I thought those were passenger car tires.
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    Considering a new truck

    A fancy 1/2 ton costs almost the same as a 2500 diesel. I drove an F-350 diesel as a daily driver for 20 years. Now I have a Ram 2500 diesel. I love these trucks. They do everything well. They get good mileage. They are quiet and easy to drive. Do what you want, but I can't see the...
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    Oil change help!!

    the right weight oil matters.
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    Engine hours/oil change interval

    Don't idle so much. Use synthetic oil. Change it at least once a year.
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    Random Car Picture Thread

    Recently at the DMV there was parked a late model, metallic blue McClaren. Holy cow. It attracted a crowd.
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    Sad Sign Of The Times

    I care much more about horsepower and torque than the configuration of the engine. My Ram diesel I6 has more horsepower than my old c2 Corvette. 375 to 365.
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    Two Rams in the mountains

    I moved to Colorado once with a 2wd truck, but that was over 40 years ago. They were very common in those days. I sold it and ended up with an old Jeep Waggoneer. It went everywhere but needed repairs. A modern Ram diesel is like a spaceship. The old trucks really make me appreciate it...
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    Who to trust?

    I am tired of dealers telling me that driving at 5000 feet requires extreme service intervals. They seem to want to change everything at half the time and mileage of what the manuals say. A lot people just go along with it. It ****** me off.
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    Dealer said No for transmission fluid change.

    For people that have been around awhile, we are trained to think about changing all of the fluids pretty often. The quality of lubricants of all types has greatly improved. But I think lifetime or forever are a stretch. Make sure you use the lubricants that are specified by the manuf. When...
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    Cummins automatic trannys

    I had no trouble in 20 years towing with a 4R100 Ford trans behind a 7.3. I drove it 178 k miles before selling it. It had a trans cooler and trans temp gauge. I changed the fluid and watched the temp. Once in awhile towing a trailer I would pull over on steep grades like near Death Valley...
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    I inherited my dad's 2004 5.9L Cummins

    Excellent. Keep thinking long term. Keep up with everything. I drove a Ford 7.3 for 20 years. But now the new Ram makes the old truck seem loud and slow.
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    Opinion On A Set Of Tires

    Coopers and Toyos can go 60k miles on a truck if you don't corner too fast.
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    Dashboard Issues

    If you live in Florida the sun is the enemy. I am in Nevada. The first thing I do is buy a dash cover to keep the sun off it. Tinted windows help, using a sun shade and parking in the shade. You may be able to level out the buckled dash with some material like pieces of carpet and cover it...
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    I inherited my dad's 2004 5.9L Cummins

    People like those trucks, just keep it. It was Dad's truck. Good for you. My Dad is about to turn 100. He encouraged me to buy a new Ram two years ago. Thanks Dad. I am selling my car because driving a Ram is like having a space ship.
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    Cummins automatic trannys

    I have owned a lot of trucks in the last 60 years and driven plenty of rentals and company trucks working in the bush for a living. Modern automatic transmissions are much better than the old days. They are great for towing and on hills especially with the new tow/haul mode. I agree that...
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    2015 6.4 not moving in reverse

    Get under it and look at the linkage and see if it is working properly. If it isn't could be time for a trans shop. How many miles on your rig?
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    Breaking problem

    Braking problem because something is broken.
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    Cummins Fuel Filters

    Another side note. Gen 5 Ram diesel fuel filters are both paper filter type. They are not cartridge, spin on filters. Amazon sold me the wrong rear filter. The rear one is the most important and needs to be changed on time.
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    Which Walmart air filter for 2013 Hemi ?

    Mopar or Fleetguard.
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    Diesel or Gas?

    It will be relevant 5 years from now. It was relevant 20 years ago.
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    Diesel or Gas?

    Diesels pull better, get better mileage and last much longer. Right now in Nevada, diesel fuel costs over a dollar LESS THAN premium gasoline. Gas trucks around 130-170 k miles start to have issues with engines and transmissions. Then the 10 k that a diesel costs starts to seem cheap...
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    2022 Recalls

    Local dealership in Nevada is finally getting around to recalls. I have waited almost 2 years. They say they could not get parts. What a relief to get this done. Anyone else still trying to get their recalls attended to?
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    Ball Joints After 42K miles?

    I had the front end on my one ton Ford rebuilt at 160k miles by my favorite independent shop. They used quality parts with grease fittings. Good for another 200 k miles.
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    Help! Can’t decide how to upgrade

    It takes a lot of boat to get to 8,000 pounds. Can you keep your boat at the lake? Either a slip or a storage place on the trailer might make sense. I had a heavy sailboat. I found a slip at Lake Tahoe for a couple of hundred bucks and only hauled my boat once in the spring and once in the...

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