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  1. SNaK3

    2016 Ram 1500 Sport Yellow w/blk. Badging code on mirrors and other spots on truck.

    I recently bought this truck and I noticed an alpha numeric code randomly all over the truck. YQ892043. Any ideas what this could be? Maybe just a previous owner personal decal??
  2. SNaK3

    SRS Light and Stability Light

    Thanks for the reply. I will definitely have to check and make sure i have the steering back where it should be.
  3. SNaK3

    SRS Light and Stability Light

    New to forum...looking for some help. The other day I went to move my truck (2013 Ram 2500 5.7) and my steering was gone. My steering wheel just spun freely around several times. I found a bolt had broken off at the steering control box so I replaced and regained my steering. But at the same...