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  1. swine

    Gen 4 Aux switch control install

    Edge pillar pod No drilling.
  2. swine

    New truck prices are insane

    I've got a 2015 that I was hoping to replace next year, but I think they've priced me out of the market.
  3. swine

    BD Diesel Install

    Installed the BD Diesel exhaust manifolds this weekend. Like many, many others my truck developed the annoying exhaust tick. I explored the different options; headers (both long and short), OEM, milling. Most of the shorty headers had pretty mixed reviews on long term reliability (saw lots of...
  4. swine

    Pedal Commander help

    I had mine installed for 4 years with no issues and then suddenly on a road trip it threw an error code and wouldn't allow the truck to shift any higher. I had slowed down for a construction zone and was in third gear at the time. I had to pull off the side of the highway and unplug it to get...
  5. swine

    Help finding 2013 ram grill please

    I had a couple of the first style bookmarked, but both are out of stock (Ebay).
  6. swine

    Option code XZNP Raised Ride Height

    I have the raised ride height on my Outdoorsman (all of them have it) and it sat about 1" higher in the front then a truck without that option. It makes no difference when you go to level it with the Bilsteins as the raised height comes from the struts, which you're replacing. You will net 1"...
  7. swine

    New Tailgate Badge from Billet Badges Inc

    Or try this place. Can custom make anything from a graphic file.
  8. swine

    Rambox Stake Pockets

    no, they don't
  9. swine

    New wheels and tires

    On the left is the 275/60R20 on factory 20x8's On the right are the 35/12.50R20 on AEV 20x9's
  10. swine

    New wheels and tires

    Time for new wheels and tires. My original BFG KO2's lasted 50K and were getting way low on tread. I wanted to upsize from 275/60R20 to 35x12.50R20, but I needed new wheels since I only had the 8" wheels. I found the wheels I wanted, finally, and they came in last week. Tires came in today...
  11. swine

    2.8 Bils without new UCAs?

  12. swine

    Can I please get a favor from someone with a bone stock 1500 4x4 Crew?

    FWIW, I also have a 2015 Outdoorsman and I set the Bils at 2.8" It perfectly leveled the truck (no rake), but only raised the front 1.75" from stock. And I'll just add that I'm running the stock UCA's with no issues (40K so far) and my shaft angle is fine.
  13. swine


    I'm curious... some of the BCM features are only available on the newer truck (i.e. reverse cam in motion). I wonder if you could successfully swap in a 2017 BCM to a 2015 truck. Any thoughts?
  14. swine

    12.5 tire on stock 20x8 wheel

    Ran into this with my son's Jeep. If the tire manufacturer specifies a certain width rim the tire shops will often refuse to mount tires to wheels that don't match that spec. It doesn't have anything to do with the vehicle. In his case he wanted to mount 33/12.50's on a 8" wheel. The tires...
  15. swine

    Flowmaster 817633

    That's the ticket. I've got a Trinity tuner and a Jay Greene tune. I don't know that my mileage suffered, it already sucked - probably because of my right foot.
  16. swine


    Strangely I don't seem to be getting the full report when I do this. I can view it on the device just fine, but when I upload it to Google Drive it cuts off in the middle of CBC Features Configuration. I've tried multiple times. Anyone else had this issue? Edit: Managed to get it to work by...
  17. swine

    Flowmaster 817633

    I have this on my 2015. I don't consider it to be particularly loud in the truck, but it's possible I'm just used to it. It does have a somewhat annoying drone at certain RPM's. If I find myself stuck in the range that drones I'll just downshift to kick up the RPM. Sounds like crap when the...
  18. swine


    Rick hit it. This is what I get on the screen in the controls section. It only displays the cargo camera, which I dont have. If I hit the button I get this. I can then select the reverse cam and it'll come up on the screen just fine. It doesn't matter if I'm in reverse or not, but it...
  19. swine


    Trailer Hitch Camera isn't an option in the 2015 Bedy Module it would seem. I saw your previous post on it and looked and looked.... Reverse cam and cargo cam are the only things I found.
  20. swine


    I have both buttons, but the cargo cam screen is blank since I don't have a cargo cam. When I tried just the reverse cam settings it never gave me a soft button on the display.
  21. swine


    I have a 2015 and I was able to get the soft buttons in the controls section of the screen. I had to activate both the reverse cam and the cargo cam to get them to appear. Reverse cam alone would not get me an icon. I can force the reverse cam in motion, but it cuts off between 5-10 mph.
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    Can anyone explain what the CSM options are for?
  23. swine


    I've been keeping a close eye on this thread. This app is fantastic. Like many of you I had the AE program and didn't find it particularly easy to use. About the only thing I was successful in doing was enabling the fog light drop out. Alpha OBD has been like a wish come true. I've got my...
  24. swine

    tailgate and grill emblems

    I've had a couple done here: He'll do anything you can think of, both times I sent him a graphic file and got the badge in about a week. Here's the one I had done for my tailgate.
  25. swine

    Photo Request - Dual Exhaust Under Bumper without Bumper Cutouts

    The tips don't touch the bumper. I put a 1/4" spacer between them and the bumper, adjusted them and tightened them in place. I wasn't inclined to modify any of the exhaust just to change the angle/height of the tips. I may eventually get a new bumper, but between the cost of a bumper and...