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    Another overheating Thread

    Cooling fan module. A Ram head tech that I trust advised me to change mine at 150K as they tend to fail around the 100K mark. I am running 195 - 205 coolant temp in the Texas heat. I know oil temp is independent of coolant temp but oil temp has been running cooler as well.
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    Which tire?

    Currently running Toyo Open Country III's (42K miles; enough tread to go 55K). The Toyo's are super smooth and balances easily. I pre-bought some Yokohama X-AT's which look really aggressive (3 ply sidewalls / hybrid).
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    66RFE valve body replacement. Is PCM flash necessary?

    Bill, They reflashed by 66RFE (I have a 2016 Hemi 2500) after they replaced the solenoid pack under recall. They also reflashed after transmission service (fluid / filters). Most likely yes.
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    Leaking third brake light 2016

    Burla, Did the exact same thing as you 4 years ago. 0 leaks.
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    2500 6.4 35 or 37 inch ire MPG

    Almost the exact same experience. 2016 5.7 on 2.5" level and 35" tires. 11-12 MPG city and 13-14 MPG highway (11-12 if I am 80 + MPH). I was getting 14-15 city and 17+ hwy on OEM ties / wheels.
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    Front wheel bearing recommendations?

    Ordering SKF for mine from Rockauto. Heard that SKF is the OEM manufacturer for Ram. I'm at 160K; changing the bearings around 200K just in case. Heard to many wheel bearing horror stories.
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    P0481 Cooling Fan Control Circuit Malfunction

    Jason, How many miles on your truck? I ended up changing out the cooling fan module at 150K. The head tech said they tend to crap out around 100K. Truck runs cooler now.
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    2018 Ram 2500 cam wipe

    Shawn, Just out of curiosity: 1. How many miles? 2. Oil change interval? 3. Brand of oil and filter I am super paranoid of this happening to my 2016 2500 Hemi. Want to learn from others.
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    Too Expensive?

    I remember paying $300 something dollars for my 66RFE transmission service (filters and fluid). As for the diff's, I just vacuum out the old fluid and fill with Redline. Takes about 10 minutes.
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    Steering Box Brace

    I installed the Rough Country steering brace when my truck was new. Definitely felt the difference when I went over railroad tracks. Other than the draglink recall and the shocks, I have not replaced a single suspension component (currently at 160K miles). Don't know if it's because I have a...
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    200K what parts to replace

    Appreciate the advice. I am going to hold off purchasing any parts for now.
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    200K what parts to replace

    The truck (2016 25000 Hemi) turned 160K. With 200K around the corner (drive 25K per year), I wanted to get some advice on the lifespan of the following parts: 1. Alternator 2. Starter 3. Radiator 4. U joints 5. Wheel bearings I plan to buy parts early instead of spending everything at once. I...
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    fuel additives and octane ?

    Redline has some of the highest concentration of PEA (polyetheramine) of any cleaner on the market. I use this in all of my vehicles. Don't bother with cleaners without PEA.
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    2017 Approaching 100k, How Deep Should I go?

    Don't forget the PVC and pulleys (+tensioner).
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    Tiny clunk in my steering is still driving me crazy

    Mike, I have a 2016 2500 hemi and had clunking in my steering. Just like rzr said, my problem turned out to be the drag link. In fact, it snapped when I was parking (thank God it wasn't on the freeway). The dealer replaced it with the upgraded new design and the steering has been solid. Also...
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    Fluids and Filters

    People take oil related matters personally and too seriously. This is what works for me: 1. Full synthetic media filter (i.e. Mobil 1, WIX XP etc). 2. 4-5K intervals 3. Full syn oil 4. Lubegard Biotech (poor man's Redline); Hemi elixir I'm at 151K; 0 ticks; 0 engine issues. Just my $.02.
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    2017 2500 5.7 Coolant & Oil Temperature

    Wolfmf, Just wanted to update you. At 150K I replaced the following: 1. Water pump (preventative); replaced with OEM. 2. Upper / lower rad hoses 3. 190 T-stat 4. Cooling fan module (apparently these go bad around 100K) 5. Coolant flush In the intense Texas heat, my coolant is now at 195 (might...
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    '12 5.7 longevity

    I recently replaced the upper / lower hoses, t-stat, water pump (OEM) and most importantly the cooling fan module. Didn't realize the module needed to be replaced but the tech said that it fails by 100K (I have 150K). I am in Texas (hell's front porch) and the truck has not risen above 199...
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    Drag Link help.

    What everyone says (RamCares). Mine snapped in the parking lot (thank God). They replaced it with the new design. I had 147K miles on my truck when this happened. Ram knows the liability of the poor design (original); if you tell them that you are afraid the track bar will fail, they will get...
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    Bilstein Steering stabilizer

    I went with Fox; internal floating piston designed to work in a horizonal position. 105 PSI pressure. Had it on my truck for 100K miles and 0 issues with any wobble or steering (tracks straight). I am running 2.5 level kit and 35" tires.
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    Help help!!! 6x9 Upgrade for 2017 Ram 1500 with Alpine

    Atcer, You are absolutely correct in regards to the 2 ohm system. If you put 4 ohm speakers, there will be a volume difference. Everything is controlled by the OEM Alpine system amplifier. The front door speakers are mid bass only. The rear door speakers are full spectrum. I replaced the rear...
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    2017 2500 5.7 Coolant & Oil Temperature

    Wolmf, I have a 2016 2500 5.7 with 147K miles on it. My coolant temps will climb when idling have never gone up to 235 and my oil temp at idle will actually cool down from 224 (Texas summer 75-80 mph) back towards 212. Per csunder99, I would check the fan clutch. I also recently removed my...
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    2016 RAM 2500 5.7 Transmission Problem

    ECantu, I have a 2016 2500 5.7 also with 146K. We have the 66RFE (6 speed) and not the ZF 8 speed (I believe the 2019+ 6.4 have a modified version of that transmission). P215C = output shaft speed sensor. P1DB6 = input / output speed sensor error. Couple of questions: 1. How many miles? 2...
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    Busted drag link

    I will definitely check them out. Appreciate the heads up.
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    Busted drag link

    I was parking the truck (2016 2500 Hemi with 144K), heard a snap and the steering goes limp. Drag link is no joke. Called FCA (RAM) and they called the dealer. The dealer is taking care of everything under the recall. Thank God this did not happen on the highway. On the flip side, wife is...