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    vapor canister for 1997 1600

    Hello, has any of you changed the vapor canister on a 94 to 99 Ram 1500? If so do you have a video of the repair? Any help or advice will be appreciated.
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    bacteria growing in gas tank

    Think what you like but I saw it on my sending unit. It looked like it had the measles with dots of rust all over it. Google “bacteria in gasoline” It does happen!
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    bacteria growing in gas tank

    I saw it on my fuel sending unit. I googled it and found information from several companies that sell biocide. Plastic is not affeted but any metal in the tank could be. Google it for yourself.
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    bacteria growing in gas tank

    Exactly brian42! Thanks for your reply. I have ordered some biocide to put in my Corvette gas tank after I will try to remove most of what is in the tank now. It is always something with these cars and truck toys.
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    bacteria growing in gas tank

    Fuel sta-bil does not kill the bacteria.
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    bacteria growing in gas tank

    Hello to all. I have just discovered that bacteria can grow in the gas rank which causes degradation of the fuel and can corrode metal in the tank. It is more frequent in diesel but can also occur in gasoline. It starts with the water that gets into your tank when you put fuel in at fill up or...
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    Gas Cap Alert Won't Go Off

    I had same problem on my 97 1500 and it was the purge valve, not the gas cap. Installed new purge valve, cleared code and everything is good now.
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    87 vs 89 octane

    I know this is not scientific, but on my 97 with the 5.9 if I run 87 my truck has to downshift to go up some of these hills in Tennessee. When I run 90 to 93 octane the truck very seldom has to downshift going up those same hills. The knock sensor obviously is retarding the timing when I use 87...
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    Where to buy a remanufactured transmission?

    Had a Jasper 46 RE installed last year with a 36 month/100 thousand mile warranty. Truck runs like new with no problems with the Jasper trans.
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    Where to buy a remanufactured transmission?

    Had a Jasper 46 RE installed last year with a 36 month/100 thousand mile warranty. Truck tubs like new with no problems with the Jasper trans.
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    Water pump fix

    For Ckidd_21 I recently had my water pump, thermostat, belt and coolant changed on my 97 5.9. The total cost, including the government robbery tax was about 900.00. What is being quoted to you sounds about right.
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    Last of the regular cab short bed

    I too have a 97 2500 Sport 4x4 with the 5.9. 57,000 miles. To me the 4 door trucks are simply SUV’s with a bed stuck on them. Will keep my truck till the wheels fall off.
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    Assistance with tire pressure

    50 psi is the perfect pressure for those tires. I have 50 in mine. Ride is good, traction is good, tire wear is good. I am a retired engineer that worked for Pirelli for 27 years.
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    The Impossible Tire Question

    I have had really good traction and wear with the Goodyear Fortitude HT. Not an off road tire but excellent on the pavement.
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    Brand new 2023 Limited catastrophic transmission failure at 1200 miles

    If the reman trans was a Jasper you should get a 3 year/100,000 mile warranty. I did when having to replace the 46RE in my 97 1500 4x4 with the 5.9. Only stipulation is the fluid/ filter be changed at first 5,000 miles. My mechanic did purge the lines, cooler and eliminated the drain back valve...
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    Actual tires don't match sticker on new RAM...?

    Keep them and enjoy the upgrade. The Pirelli tires are great tires and you are only talking one inch more from the ground to the rim.
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    Assistance with tire pressure

    50 psi cold is a good number for your truck.
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    Multiple issues after new tires!

    Which translates to the 9th week of 2018. Was a tire engineer for 27 years with Pirelli.
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    Which Transmission do I go with ??

    I recently had to have my 46re replaced. I went with the Jasper and it shifts lije new and I have a 2 year warranty. I know this is a different transmission but I think you will be happy with the Jasper. 8500.00 installed is about right. Mine was around 6000.00 installed. Hope this helps.
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    water pump installation

    crazy jerry, I am sure some inactivity was part of the cause of the water pump failung. you are correct in saying I probably will not see 50 thousand since I only drive around town in my Ram. At least I have a 2 year warranty so I do not have to worry about it for a while. I have other vehicles...
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    water pump installation

    Yes the seal went bad and started the leak. I could smell coolant for a while but the leak must have been so small there was no puddling. Then last week it must have failed completely and I got a signficant leak. The pump came from O’reillys with the 2 year warranty so we will see how it My...
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    Pinging/detonation, anyone try a colder plug?

    Try using 91 or 92 octane fuel and see if that makes a difference
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    water pump installation

    I just had my leaking water pump replaced. For those who want a ballpark price for a gen 2 Ram 1500 with 5.9 this would help. I got a new water pump(2 year/24,000 mile warranty), new serp belt, new idler pully, new 195 degree thermistat(replacing the 205 degree from the factory), 2 gallons of...
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    Does anyone else but me think there are way too many electronics in today's vehicles?

    Exactly why I keep my”old” 97 1500 4x4. For just around town I do not need an expensive new “electronic” truck.
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    Water pump replacement

    From former post I left out it is the water pump.