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    ABS Problem!!!!

    If brake caliper stuck, it's some type noise; also the wheel bearing, CV-axle, intermediate shaft, special the bad tire can make type noise, it's better you recording the noise, someone can know that source. The ABS problem is maybe the second issue, caused by the noise, if the speed ring(in the...
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    2012 RAM 1500 5.7 P0481:2 or 3 pin connector?

    Issue: turn on the AC, in 10 minutes, the Engine warning light come, read it is P0481:Fan 2 Control Circuit 1st question: This car don't have a 2nd Fan, how this issue means(only mean the Fan can't run from AC running?)? Fan is ok can run, 2 relays are good, fuses are good, after 10 years, the...
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    2012 and up ram 1500 passenger side intermediate shafts

    I finally found only need replace a CV axle, the intermediate shaft is strong enough, I bought the $180 one(include 2 sides shafts and all bearings, seals), only replace the passenger side shaft, Rockauto has the single passenger shaft to sell, it only C$65, if prefer only change this part, can...
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    Intermittent Service 4WD Light

    Service 4WD Light, you can use an OBDII reader to scan the details information, even you can use it monitor your ABS SPEED CHART, so you can have a very details information to avoid a lot of trying, myself bought a BlueDriver OBDII scan, at least $100 level OBDII scan tool can read the ABS...
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    2012 and up ram 1500 passenger side intermediate shafts

    It's really good there are a lot of nice guys here! 2012 Ram 1500 5.7Hemi, 270K(KM), has same issue in right intermediate shaft. The problem make the vibration, special running around 110KM/hour Has question: how can I find which brand and price is suitable? The online web store has different...
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    Could use the running sound to identify the wearied bearing?

    Thank you so much, so kind.... Remember these, change a new set tire first :) Blessed have Peaceful heart in the day!
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    Could use the running sound to identify the wearied bearing?

    Here to ask professional guys to find the vibration source: 2012 Ram 1500 4x4 HEMI 5.7 Problem phenomenon: a vibration come with the running, obviously vibration when the Ram speed between 105~115KM/hour, more than 120km/hour is better Recently 2 years repair: 1) a new front drive shaft ( but it...
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    Exhaust manifold Leak

    It's really difficult to understand why Chrysler can make this last 10 years... I have each side 3 broken bolts and total 6 broken bolts can't remove, it's really require some professional trick to remove the broken bolts and I failed. But a good tip is about the manifold, a wisdom Youtuber...
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    Parking cables can't balance!

    I have adjusted the inner gear, it has made the tire a little stick. following some images: Passenger side parking brake hook: driver side hook: I intentionally shorten the main cable like following, let the cable not fall down, it's about short 15mm it was like this: I guess two things...
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    Parking cables can't balance!

    Hi Guys The Ram got the cable fall down, replaced new parking brake assembly, left is the Mopar's, right side use OEM few parts, and replaced two side packing brake cables, and two cablese's length match the old cables. Adjust the following connectors, let the cable a little short, so the...
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    Front Diff/Carrier question

    I thought my Ram 1500 is front drive in 2WD mode, but it was wrong, it drive the rear wheels when in 2WD, so most situation I don't need the front differential
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    Abs and service towing messages.

    I have a 2012 ram 1500, the abs problem last two years and it got better recently, hope the following thing can help you: to deal this under a big truck is really difficult: prepare a voltage meter with 2 paper clip 1) turn on your truck, not need start the engine, disconnect two of the ABS...
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    2015 ram 1500 voltage regulator

    My car has the regulator problem is the voltage is too high, I have a simple tool found this problem, it is about $10 like following image When my drive the car, the meter show a 15-16V high voltage, some warning comes, I really want to replace this part, I found it built inside the alternator...
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    Rear differential pinion gear nut remove for 2012 Ram 1500 5.7 4x4

    Thank you DILLIGAF, your specifications have 8 values, but I only find two nuts, awkward :) image link: parts name link...
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    Rear differential pinion gear nut remove for 2012 Ram 1500 5.7 4x4

    Again, thank your guys! Everyone here is welcome! I know the world is close the end, it doesn't matter your guys age, our soul is more long than the earth, it's the scripts: Ephesians 1.4 just as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame...
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    Rear differential pinion gear nut remove for 2012 Ram 1500 5.7 4x4

    Bad news 1) The 1 1/16 socket is too small to match the nut 2) The 1 5/16 socket is too big outer round to match the base ring, must record here, let other people not wrong again: A38.5mm B:35.4mm C:46mm the flange ring inner: 45mm, nut edge top point 36mm nut edge low point 33mm So the...
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    Rear brake assembly fix bolts re-installation

    The damage only in packing brake, every thing here is lost, only left the rotor and caliper, it maybe happened before I buy it. The differential gear's problem is because the installation, I have to open the rear differential let the axle can move out, so I can remove the brake base support(I...
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    ABS Control Module HELP PLEASE!

    My 2012 Ram 1500 got ABS wrong in left rear sensor, this sensor was broken by the packing brake crash... but the problem is also include no voltage in this cable, finally find one small resistor lost from the control model, this is compare from a used one, the used one can't be replace directly...
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    The worst lack will be the food, the first seal come in 2010, we are the last generation, don't worry the cars :(
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    Rear brake assembly fix bolts re-installation

    Thank you, this part have been complete... just use the wrench, the bolt can fully back. In the wheel part, change the brake is enough, other bearing, seal are still good. but the rear differential fall down few types gear, try to find a guide to install them back :( after the pack brake, the...
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    Hello. New here.

    Welcome back to earth, I have a 2012 ram 5.7 hemi, maybe 6 speed, search the maintain plan is like this: Change engine oil / oil filter (5W-20/EAO11) video/1.5 inspect the brake lining(), replace if necessary video/3.5 /video2 inspect front/rear axle fluid(video3.0)75W-140(2X846ML)/75W-90/110...
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    Rear brake assembly fix bolts re-installation

    Greeting! My 2012 Ram rear left packing brake lost everything, the base stand got twist, bought a new replacement: Question: the 4 bolts is really difficult to push back to the frame support, is there some special trick to do, or only use a big hammer? the bolts are like following images, there...
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    Rear differential pinion gear nut remove for 2012 Ram 1500 5.7 4x4

    thank you guys, so many idea here, I'm wondering if do not take out this nut, but it still leak fluid :( I have a wrench can get 200 foot...
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    U-Joint for 2012 Ram 1500 4x4 hemi5.7 front drive shaft

    Do you remember how much the nut torque for the four nuts? I searched some non clear information, use 110 foot to fix it, but it is impossible in my narrow space, I'm afraid this is wrong, because it was not so tight, my release torque should not over 100 foot OK, I got the answer: 85 foot...
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    U-Joint for 2012 Ram 1500 4x4 hemi5.7 front drive shaft

    Thank you, my used one, can use for a test, remove the U-Joint, try use a jack to remove it

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