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  1. slim chance

    2023 2500 6.4 - instrument cluster self adjusts

    i am betting you have the 12" screen U-5 .. mine is a 1500, 5 months old, 3,000 miles .. despite the fact i have saved my profile MANY times, every time i start my Laramie the 12" screen comes up in a different configuration, sometimes with no Navigation and/or FM radio or USB stick or heated...
  2. slim chance

    The new guy

    welcome aboard
  3. slim chance

    Poor mpg on 2023 Ram 1500 Big Horn V8 Hemi with Etorque 4 x 4.

    mileages depends on the driver .. drive hard and get lower mpg ... i now have a 2023 Laramie eTorque hemi, bought 12/111/23 .. about 650 miles on it so far .. overall mpg at 19.1 (click on my Fuelly link) .. also this is not my first hemi (click on my sold Fuelly links) the Ram 2500 cut out...
  4. slim chance

    Let’s see what you are towing with your 6.4

    here is what i tow .... trying to find a toy hauler to carry the 2 HD without using two trks
  5. slim chance

    2020 Camping season.....over before it starts?

    if you live in Pa is now time to have "The General Assembly by concurrent resolution may terminate a state of disaster emergency at any time. Thereupon, the Governor shall issue an executive order or proclamation ending the state of disaster emergency." contact you elected officials and...
  6. slim chance

    Do I need to get a RAM 2500?

    i had a Ram 2500Hd diesel... would NEVER go back to a diesel ... i had a 2019 Ram 1500 Larime 3.92 rear, payload 1520#, towed a 25' TT, cat scaled total TT @ 7800#, ok towing till about 60mph then started to sway, classic tail wagging the dog, 6 mo. old, traded it on 2019 Ram 2500 6.4L, 3.73...
  7. slim chance

    Haul Guage or Curt Better Weight?

    i have the Haul Gauge, $99 lifetime warranty, setup failed after MANY acceleration runs (2019 Ram 2500), unit could NOT find my trks data, emailed Tech support, they checked my trk and they could not find any data ... they rented a trk like mine to get data, then my unit would not download the...
  8. slim chance

    2020 Camping season.....over before it starts?

    it looks like "King Wolf" has opened camping for private campgrounds in Pa so you can play golf or fish
  9. slim chance

    New BW companion hitch

    @TWILLIAMS9 ... i have the 8' bed and the B&W Companion using the Ram puck system ... will that measurement help
  10. slim chance

    Dealerships running amazing deals?

    Nope, they did not play that game with me ... got all the cost out the door before i said anything about 0% ... price was reduced, you might also note toyota does not play the "raise the sticker price so you can give a big discount game" ... that is part of the reason you do NOT take a big hit...
  11. slim chance

    Dealerships running amazing deals?

    guess i do NOT understand ... why would you want to pay off any 0% loan, you are using their money to get what you want and it does NOT cost you anything ... i did this with 4 different Toyota trks (5 yrs @ 0%), it did not effect my credit rating .. after 2 yrs and 24,000+ miles i would trade...
  12. slim chance

    Motorcycle thread

    been riding 50 yrs now, started with dirt bikes for about 15 yrs cause i thought all cars were out to get me ... moved to street bikes and found out all care were out to get me ... just bought this 97 FXSTS cause i wanted something a little lighter ...
  13. slim chance

    Build Sheet Vs. Windows Sticker

    when i go to the VIN lookup site for Ram and call up our build sheet vs window sticker and compare ... all three Ram 2019 trks ... each trks info for that trk makes it look like a unique trk ... which is right???
  14. slim chance

    2020 1500 eTorque with terrible MPG

    wife and i each have 2019 eTorque Rams ... see signature below ... first tank of gas we were getting 18mpg combined and as per the Fuelly stats am VERY happy with eTorque ... you all want to talk about stats here but do no list your trks specs in you signature ... hows that work .....
  15. slim chance

    If You're Looking at the 2019 Ram 2500 Hemi 6.4 - Here's my 2 Cents

    i have the 2019 2500 Big Horn, 3.73 with 8'bed ... tows a 10,500 # 5er using B&W hitch ... 11 mpg while towing in Pa ..... 14 - 16 mpg empty .... GREAT trk
  16. slim chance

    2018 2500 vs 2019 2500 ?

    get the '19 with 8 speed .... i have it, works great ... do NOT forget to look at the payload sticker inside the drivers door .... sometimes a big suprise
  17. slim chance

    Anything you wish you knew?

    the winning lottery numbers for the $8.5 mil drawing
  18. slim chance

    Tonneau Covers and Fuel mileage

    i also have seen the air pushing down on the rear 1/3 of the cover at hi-way speeds ...
  19. slim chance

    Vibrations and Noises are normal

    IF you want a trk that rides and sounds like a car, buy a car ... the trick to a quiet trk is to get old
  20. slim chance

    Tonneau Covers and Fuel mileage

    in another thread i was complaining about the poor tailgate design and this was a reply to that issue ... IF you believe this is not just smoke and mirrors, then you can see a bed cover would have NO effect because the cab causes air flow that completely misses the bed area with the tailgate up
  21. slim chance

    What's your gas mileage with 3.92 gearing and the 5.7?

    look at my fuelly page for my wife's 2019 1500 5.7 hemi 3.92 rear and my 2019 2500 6.4 hemi 3.73 rear
  22. slim chance

    5th gen toppers

    our leer caps ...
  23. slim chance

    Passenger side mirror adjustment

    i read this and had to go out to our 2019 1500 and our 2019 2500 ... both have factory tow mirrors and neither passenger side mirrors "magnifies the view" ... i do think these mirrors are the worst tow mirrors i have ever had ... it is not possible for me to adjust the mirror to see the top of...
  24. slim chance

    6'4" bed or 8'0" bed

    i have the 8' bed on my 2500 SRW ... my trk has the puck 5th whl system with a B&W Companion hitch ... i figure the difference is about 20" between the 6'4" and 8' so because i leave the hitch in all the time i just about break even and the hitch weight helps smooth out the ride
  25. slim chance

    Blacklisted by Dealership

    @Witch .... just wondering, because of your reference to "Providence", do you live in Pa?

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