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    Who all uses their trucks like a truck!? Let’s see pics!

    Farmall 1456, 10-12k
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    2016 Ram 2500 EGR valve TSB

    That's what I was thinking. I am very irritated that they did not take care of it while they had it. Now I have to make arrangements to bring the truck back.
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    2016 Ram 2500 EGR valve TSB

    Just got a recall notice about the solenoid after my truck left us on the side of the road a couple weeks ago. While on the phone with customer service trying to get reembursed for the tow, they inform us of the egr recall. How did they not catch that when the truck was being serviced for the...
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    Oil Temp reads 122 at start up

    Got it, that's kinda what I figured, I actually just noticed it. Thanks for the replys
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    Oil Temp reads 122 at start up

    As soon as I start my truck the oil temp shows 122 degrees, is this normal?
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    Do You Like Your Ram 2500 Hemi? (2011 and Up)

    6.4 2500 4x4, I am very happy with my truck. It has plenty of power! I was pulling at my max combined gvwr and was able to pull it in 5th and getting around 8mpg with plenty of pedal left. I was very impressed. Things I am not happy with is the wind noise from the xm antenna, had to change a...
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    Possible transmission issues

    Picked the truck up today, shift solenoid
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    Possible transmission issues

    It actually did this to me about six months ago and cleared right up. This time it would straighten up and was towed to the dealer. Hopefully we will know something soon.
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    Possible transmission issues

    My wife was driving our 2016 6.4 2500 4x4 yesterday and the check engine light came on and the manual shift display popped up showing the truck was in 1st with 4th being the highest gear selected however the truck would not shift out of 1st. She did fill up prior to this happening so I guess...
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    What's the most you've hauled/towed with your HD's?

    5 pallets of sod, about 2200 lbs each
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    6.4 Hemi oil temps

    Mine usually runs in the 220 range unloaded. I hit 228 yesterday with my truck pretty much maxed out on flat ground
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    6.4 Hemi Gear Swap

    I am assuming by these prices the carrier does not need changing with the 4.30 or 4.56 gears? Surely they use a ring spaced or something. Also when considering going to a lower gear it is important to remember that 6th is .625 vs the .7ish that has been the norm for years. That means low...
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    Anyone with wind noise issues

    I am convinced it is from the sun antenna. Believe it or not it is louder with the sun visor down. It's only on the driver side. That's really my only complaint. Besides the shifting but that's another story. Love my truck
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    Please read and repeat after me

    So while we are being enlightened, do men have a prostate or is it a prostrate?
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    2016 Factory tonneau cover water in bed

    I have the factory tri fold on my 2016 model and I have no such issues with water.
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    2012 5.7 cam issues

    If it is an oil issue why is only one lobe affected? I am assuming ram uses roller lifters?
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    Shift points after update

    The weirdest thing my truck has done is hold first gear I am guessing when I went to pass someone on a 2 lane highway. It damn near got me killed. I went to pass this car, the truck dropped a gear and as soon as I got side by side with the car I was passing the damn thing stopped picking up...
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    Shark fin antenna

    I am convinced my wind noise is coming from this antenna. I'm not real crazy about the factory placement either.
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    What's the best supercharger for 5.7L

    Not a ram truck but studebaker offered a factory Paxton supercharged car in the 60s.
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    Front parking sensor goes off for no reason

    Actually we have an insurance dongle plugged in at the moment. The light went off before I got the chance to get the code checked so I wasn't to worried about it and it has only happened once. Thank you Crash68 for the heads up on that issue. Thank you Kori with ram cares, hopefully it is...
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    Anyone with wind noise issues

    It's with the sunroof closed. It really not that loud, I thought it was radio static when I first heard it, and it's worse in a cross wind. I guess it's not too bad, I am probably just expecting too much lol.
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    Front parking sensor goes off for no reason

    On yeah the truck hasn't even had it's first oil change. I cleaned all the sensors off and it did it once more and hasn't done it again. It was showing that I was very close to something on the front left side. It did something else wierd that same morning. The truck started then died right...
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    Front parking sensor goes off for no reason

    When I start my truck my front park sensor keeps going off and I have to manually turn the front sensor off, could dirt or bugs on the sensor cause this issue. It is love bug season right now
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    Anyone with wind noise issues

    Not sure if it's because I have a sunroof, but I find the wind noise a little excessive. Not nearly as bad as the wife's fj cruiser but it's a lot louder than my '97 gmc.
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    What oil are the 6.4L guys running?

    I worked at a dodge dealer in the late 90's in a fairly small town. At that time we had about 3 diesels come in with burned up engines that were under warranty. The cause ended up being the fram filters came apart and clogged up some oil passages. Fram ended up having to buy new engines in...

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