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  1. Dylan Campbell

    For Sale: King Thuren Steering Damper- 275.00 Shipped

    Did this ever sell, or is it still available?
  2. Dylan Campbell

    Can I fit 35x12.50s on my 2019 Ram 1500 laramie 4x4 with a 2 inch level?

    I am on 2" coils in the front and 1.5" springs in the back and have a ton of room on 33's. I feel like 35's would fit my setup well, and plan to to that route after these are toast. This photo was before the 1.5" coil springs in the rear. I have also since gone to aftermarket wheels with 0...
  3. Dylan Campbell

    Clearance on Sport trim level

    My 4th gen had the sport front bumper. I do not think there is a major clearance difference, but what I would consider if you are off-roading a lot is the fact the bumper is plastic in lieu of steel on other trims like the bighorn. I would off-road regularly with mine, but was lifted 4 inches...
  4. Dylan Campbell


    Bump. Open to reasonable offers.
  5. Dylan Campbell


    I bought this used on this forum a few months back and it has worked flawlessly on my 4th gen ever since. Just traded it in for a 5th Gen, so no longer have a use for this model. Comes in original box, and mounting clip is included. Asking $175 Shipped within US.
  6. Dylan Campbell

    What did you do with your 4th Gen this week?

    Looks great! I think I remember seeing you post a thread about cutting those posts off where the factory two hooks mounted. In your opinion would this skid plat have fit without cutting those off? I am strongly considering this combo, so any feedback would be very much appreciated!
  7. Dylan Campbell

    Acceleration Noise

    Did any of you guys ever find a solution for this? I am half relieved to find this thread and know I am not alone chasing this sound, but also half discouraged that it seems to be impossible to track down.
  8. Dylan Campbell

    Strange rattling sound from driver's side while accelerating

    Bringing back a super old thread here, but which heat shield did you find this one? Exhaust manifolds? I have what sounds like a chain/metalic rattle that I cannot seem to solve.
  9. Dylan Campbell

    Pulsar 2015-2020

    Sending PM.
  10. Dylan Campbell

    Adding a RCX 4" next week, any suggestions?

    I have the same kit on mine and also have Bilsteins. I currently have my Bils set at 0 and have a decent amount of upward angle on my CV axel and also upper control arm. Upward angle as in wheel side of the control arm sits higher than frame side. With bils set at 1.4 it may be close to level.
  11. Dylan Campbell

    Converting 2013 1500 Big Horn Interior to 2016 Rebel Interior

    I would be interested in a portion of this process as well. I recently did a katzkin leather coversion and swapped out my door panels with a Rebel Panels. Now I am trying to find a place to source some additional Rebel dash trim pieces and ideally a center console.
  12. Dylan Campbell

    -SOLD-Ram Rebel Door panels

    I will take these if still available and the shipping is not our of control. Sending PM now.
  13. Dylan Campbell

    Ram cluster 1500 Classic 2020

    Any chance you have the ability to re-program milage and idle hours prior to shipping?
  14. Dylan Campbell

    What did you do with your 4th Gen this week?

    I grew up just a town over from Kankakee. Sure do not see many people mentioning that area on here very often.
  15. Dylan Campbell

    2017 Ram 1500 5.7L - Canuck Build Thread

    Truck looks incredible! I have the all black look at the moment too, and I catch myself looking at bronze wheels weekly - ha.
  16. Dylan Campbell

    2017 Ram 1500 buy recommendation please

    3.92 axle ratio is a great find!
  17. Dylan Campbell

    bilstein 5100 issue!

    If you just replace the strut mount and re-use that strut, the new strut mount will only last a few days or maybe weeks if you are lucky. Unfortunately, I am speaking from experience. Ha.
  18. Dylan Campbell

    Ceramic coated...

    Cannot beat a black vehicle with a fresh ceramic coat. Looks great!! Is that a crew cab with a 6'4" bed? Do not see that combo very often.
  19. Dylan Campbell

    Edge pulsar for sale

    I have been considering one of these for quite a while, but have never been able to pull the trigger. Did you notice a pretty big performance improvement, or is this more of a throttle sensitivity adjustment? This also allows you to disable MDS without the manual shift trick right?
  20. Dylan Campbell

    Retrofitted quads with Morimoto 35w HID Projectors

    I will take these! Sending PM now for payment info.
  21. Dylan Campbell

    Got my lift on! 4 inch zone and Bilstein 6112s set at 2 inches

    Beautiful ride! How tough was that flag decal to install? I have been on the fence on that exact one for a while, and keep telling myself getting it on straight with no bubbles must be impossible. After seeing yours, I think I have to have one.
  22. Dylan Campbell

    My Carven is too loud.

    I recently went from a Flowmaster Super 40 to a Magnaflow 22" in prep for a new baby. I am much happier with the Magnaflow. Slightly louder than stock, but quiet enough to not notice it cruising at highway speed. At least coming from the Super 40 I do not notice it...
  23. Dylan Campbell

    CLUNK after Eibach Level and Alignment

    I did, and my clunk disappeared with the sway links removed so at this point I am quite sure that is the cause. I have the RC links that are 'universal' for their 4" and 6" kits which means they are far too long for my 4" lift. Hoping a shorter set does the trick.
  24. Dylan Campbell

    CLUNK after Eibach Level and Alignment

    Subscribing to this. I am chasing a similar clunk after removing a couple inches of lift from the front of my truck and having it aligned. I believe I have mine narrowed down to the sway bar links.

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