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    2013 2500 4X4 diesel 6.7 coolant system

    On the `13 & `14 cummins 6.7 they have 2 rads with engine coolant. 15+ went back to single rad. If you see a y in the coolant piping you have dual rads. Those y's have a reputation for developing leaks
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    Need help!?! Tuning

    Be sure batteries are full with a charger connected, reload the stock file. Hopefully that will correct your issue. Reload your autocial tune, make sure your batteries are charged and a charger connected. After all that if all was well with the stock tune but not the tune from your autocal...
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    Scan Tool

    Alfaobd will do it
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    3.73 Gears for Diesel?

    Gears for rear only or do you have the gears for the front diff also
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    Front Seat Spacers to Raise Seat Up

    I installed the spacers from Ohio Diesel, it worked out well. I'm 5'8", the extra 2" lift sure helps in my 2014 2500. Ohio Diesel had them on sale for $55.00 per set. Bought two sets, lifted the passenger seat also, wife loves the extra lift. Who knew 2" would make such a difference.
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    Need Custom tuning for EFI Live AutoCal V3.

    I would be very surprised if you get an answer, too many EPA trolls shadow these forums.
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    Diesel Exhaust Fluid Crystal Formation

    Depending on the year of the truck a diluted mixture works just fine. I think in the `16 or `17 year trucks they have a sensor detecting the def concentration. I have a `14, my def / distilled water is almost 50/50. ben running this way over three years, last check about a year ago I was at...
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    BW 44-46 Transfer Case Fluid Change

    a bit over 35K miles on the Supertech ATF+4 in the transfer case with no issues. Getting ready to change it again and will use the same ATF+4.
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    Stock cummins delete

    Jeffery, just curious if you got this done and if so what you did. I'm thinking full delete on my '14. Not sure if I should also remove the def tank and system. Thanks for any info anyone can provide. I'll be going with Raceme ultra using the 30hp tune. Not interested in racing just want a...
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    What motor oil and oil filter do you use and why?

    I have always run Walmart superTech 15/40 HD Diesel oil with mopar filter in my '14 6.7 Cummins. Oil meats Cummins specs. 72+k miles and so far all is well.
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    My Experiences Greasing the Double Cardan Joint

    ^^^^^^same as above^^^^^^
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    Need some Cummins love!

    I have a 2014 6.7 coming up on 70K with no issues other than the recall items. Truck is all stock and is solid.
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    What did you do with your 4th Gen this week?

    Replaced the upper radiator "Y" pipe. Easy DIY