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    Thanks for the comments. i am off to work this morning away for 7 days i will get some photos when i get home. In the conversion the dash is made in australia, i am guessing looks the same but opposite way around. The radio controls and indicator stalk remain the same, the wrong side...
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    8 speed transmission oil change

    Hi all, i have been reading up on changing transmission oil. The reason being that i am unsure what oil is filled from factory and is it at the correct level. The idea is to use Penrite ATF BMV which is a highly regarded Australian automotive oil manufacturer, they make good stuff. Penrite ATF...
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    Hi everyone, New Member here from Australia. I have a new Black Ram 1500 5.7 Express. Not sure how this matches up with American models but it is a lower model, not much electronic wizardry which is what i wanted. Currently 3500 km which is about 2500 miles. Looking forward to being a part of...