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  1. OCVstar

    Cybertruck vs RAM 2500

    I’m on the list to get a cybertruck. But the prices are up about 25% from what I originally signed up for. For that reason, I’ll buy another Ram.
  2. OCVstar

    Thinking of upgrading to a 2500 should I get Gas or Diesel?"

    I traded my 2019 5.7 for a 2021 6 cylinder etorque. No real mpg savings. I could get in the low 20mpg on the highway if I kept it about 60 with the 5.7. However…. No regrets. The 6 cylinder has plenty of power and decent mpg. Plus the 4 door crew is beautiful.
  3. OCVstar

    Thinking of upgrading to a 2500 should I get Gas or Diesel?"

    I think you’re fine with the 1500. My opinion.
  4. OCVstar

    Buying From Hertz

    I don’t understand why a person would intentionally beat up a rental car. Why would you do that?
  5. OCVstar

    Synthetic Oil

    I hate to be a sceptic. But seriously, does it really matter. I change mine every 5k.
  6. OCVstar

    Buying From Hertz

    I bought a Ram 1500 in 2019 from Enterprise. The truck was a 2019 with 10k miles. The truck was perfect and I loved it. Also dealing with the folks at Enterprise was such a pleasure I swore I’d never go to a dealer again. I paid 34k in2019. I recently traded it in for a 2021 and got $33k for the...
  7. OCVstar

    Buying used 100k miles?

    I wouldn’t do it. I think you can do better. If you put 20 or 30 thousand miles more on it and your $40,000 investment will be worth next to nothing. IMO
  8. OCVstar

    I swear, I'm really trying to get a Ram, but......

    My 2 cents. my last 2 Ram purchases were a pleasure. ( no dealer pressur or ********) In 2019 I bought a beautiful 2019 1500 from Enterprise car rental. 12k miles This year I bought a 2021 Ram 1500 from CarMax. 5k miles I was very happy with the deal I got and the people in both cases were a...
  9. OCVstar

    Black wheels

    What’s the best product to use on black wheels?