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    2nd Gen Power seat control

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    Other 10 Ply Tire Options?

    Hundreds of opinions..I'm here's another. I have an older RAM, 02 2500 w/manual trans. I do ocassional auto towing, landscape hauling and more often than not..daily driver. I went with MasterCraft Status 10ply. They've been on for 20k w/ no problems. I believe MasterCraft is a second...
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    2nd Gen Power seat control

    My power seat controller seems to have partially failed. I can no longer move driver seat backwards. Forward is ok, but not backwards direction . Other seat adjustments have also partially failed. Has anyone had this happen, whats the recourse and are after market controllers available? Thanks...
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    Spray in bed liner

    Take a trip to your local "bone yard' virtually free
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    The Ceramic bandwagon

    I have to agree with BcBouy, waste of time on daily drivers. I've been detailing cars since the 70's. Have seen almost everything out there, within reason. Rusty Jones, PolyGlyCoat, now Ceramic coatings. I've tried two different products, one from Meguiars, the other TEC582. All require a wash...
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    Considering moving to Ram from Tundra

    Toymaker, you are correct in saying every brand has dealerships that are worth the time of day. Conversely, brands that don't stand behind an obvious flaw or design failure are far worse. Now I love MOPAR, I've owned several and still have two in my garage. However, they too have screwed...
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    2002 2500 fog light upgrades

    Looking for upgrades to the OEM 2002 fog lights. Are there decent halogen or better amber lights or even bright white lights. The original bulbs or maybe lenses seem to be as bad as my OEM headlamps....dull and yellow.
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    2001 Infinity Radio

    Thank you.
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    2001 Infinity Radio

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    2002 2500HD Lighting issue..

    Thank you. I was beginning to think this was an abandoned website....where old dodges go to die. No answers. I found a boneyard replacement.... its worked so far. However, I took ALL effected lights out, cleaned contacts, put electrical paste in every connection, including instrument cluster...
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    2001 Infinity Radio

    I've got a 2002 2500 quad cab SLT w/OEM cassette AM/FM radio, Recently found an 2001 OEM Infinity radio. My Ram has only 4 speakers, 2front, 2back all after market w/no amps. attached. Will the Infinity radio be a simple swap with existing cassette AM/FM harness even though I believe the...
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    glove box door

    I've had the same issue. My left hinge pin broke. So like you, I now open and close the glove box very carefully. I also took almost everything out to eliminate the need to use it. It's the same issue 2nd & 3rd gens had with dashboard failures. Cheap inferior plastic composition of dash components.
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    Headlight switch 02-2500HD

    I have a situation where all lights; parking, cab clearence, tail, license plate, and dash lights are out. Headlights go on when switch is positioned for them to come. The interior fuse box shows no blown fuses, however master fuse panel in engine compartment show the fuse for these lights is...
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    2002 2500HD Lighting issue..

    Just recently my cab lights, tail lights, license plate lights, parking lights, instrument panel lights quit working. So, I looked at fuse panel inside of cab, at far left side of dash. All fuses there were intact, no blown fuses. Went to engine compartment and checked fuses there and found the...
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    Disconnected cruise control hose

    Saw this a little late...sorry. That is the vacuum line that runs from the 'servo' can parallel to your throttle cable coming from the servo can. Look for a very small vacuum line on top or near side of your engine. It should be very lonely looking for its mate, which you are holding in your...
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    Help with cruise control

    Due to a mechanic screw up I now need the cable and vacuum line assembly going from servo cannister to top side of engine. I need part numbers and or availablity if anyone has these available. 2002 2500HD 5.9L gas 5spd manual trans.
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    ac orifice tube

    Thanks for the help. Mine does look like yours, however no insulation or foil wrap. That line on mine has connections just after evaporator (A) and right before the firewall (B). The part of the line I'm pointing (C) to is where it seems to become slighter larger in diameter, but that location...
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    ac orifice tube

    Got it, thanks for the explanation. Now I just need to find its exact location. They seem to be in different locations from model year to model year and level- 1500 or 2500
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    ac orifice tube

    Sorry about the wording. So...on a 2002 2500 where exactly is the orifice tube located? So many threads have the entire low pressure line being replaced because the orifice is located inside that line, somewhere close to the accumulator. Rock Auto only shows the orifice when I attempt to order...
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    ac orifice tube

    So if the orifice filter itself is compromised, when replacing with new tube you could pinch the tube closer to the condenser location so next replacement of orifice doesn't include buying the whole assembly over again?
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    2001 overhead console map lights

    2001 2500hd, So I would like to replace the standard light bulbs in the overhead console with LEDs. Has anyone done this and with which specific LED light brand did you use and did like the outcome? Thanks for any help offered
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    02 2500 underdash trailer brake connector

    Awesome....thanks for the helpful tips and such....
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    02 2500 underdash trailer brake connector

    So the question here, I found the blue trailer brake harness connector(terminal) under the dash. It is firmly connected or mounted to (what I believe) the main wiring harness (plastic) block left side of steering column. This particular terminal/connector is rectangular in shape and blue in...
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    Dash Front main replacement

    My 2002 2500HD had a dash that did what all 2nd gens did...cracked beyond repair. The lower dash was ok, but top dash and black trim facia was a disaster. I ordered a new dash(camel colored)from LMC, heater core, and evaporator from Rockauto and paid a local body shop to install it all. They did...
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    Clearance lights

    Yah I think I'll pass on the LEDs for the clearance lights...good point on the LEDs bringing a more focused light. So back to the OEM Sylvanias (194), but I also need license plate lights...those I'll do in LEDs. Thanks for the tip....BTW..GO PACK GO...and WHITE N RED TIL I'M COLD N DEAD.