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    Exceeded GVWR

    Found this gem while searching Internet. Helluva situation. 3500 Broke in Half
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    Power wagon winch remote

    That's correct. In the accessory bag that comes with new delivery is a warn wired remote, at least for the GEN4. The OP indicated the factory-supplied remote is missing.
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    LED Headlight Bulbs

    Halogen reflector assemblies are not suitable for LED.
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    2013 Powerwagon death wobble

    Still running the OE damper? Could be shot.
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    Power wagon winch remote

    If you want to stay true to OE, buy the factory remote.
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    3:73 to 4:10 cost

    All good stuff, but regear requires somebody that knows WTF they're doing. Otherwise, you'll be repeating the process and likely buying another set of gears and install kit. If you're going the dealer route, you need to vet dealer with a great deal of scrutiny or find a reputable axle shop...
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    Considering a Return to a PowerWagon

    Used vehicle market is crazy stupid as are the prices. Personally. I'd wait or buy new.
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    Winch, synthetic rope warranty

    I have Maxcare Lifetime and it excludes the winch. I had read somewhere the basic warranty did not but have read here that people were covered under the basic warranty.
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    Rust proofing new PW

    NHOU or Krown. Both are oil-based undercoating and needs to be reapplied annually or so say's Krown to maintain the warranty. Krown's pricing seems reasonable and I'm damn sure not going the DIY route. I'm going with Krown, as soon as I can get away. Nearest dealer is 130 miles away. State...
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    bad front suspension components?

    Most likley the SERV 4WD will probably light up. You could secure the motor assy to frame temporarily. Did you disconnect the end links and try driving it? Some do, alleging handling is improved. Seems like you would get a bit more body roll, but a search here or on the other PW forum has...
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    bad front suspension components?

    The only other thing I could think of is belt is broken in one of the tires. You say this thump or bounce occurs when driving on hardball?
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    bad front suspension components?

    Doubt alignment would be causing that. Thuren recommends 0 toe. Factory caster is probably okay with your set up. Most alignment shops don't have a clue on how to set it and get the eccentrics outta whack. Easy way to tell is to check the eccentrics; are they same and looking from the front...
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    AMF Research running board on passenger side will not come down

    AMP? Is this a DIY install, buy truck with them, or added-on by an installer? Does it have the PnP adaptor using the OBD port or is wired to the door ajar switch? If the latter, check to see if the PAX side connections have not come apart (or take back to installer for troubleshooting). Have...
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    bad front suspension components?

    Send a note to Thuren, he may some insight and help with troubleshooting. He's pretty knowledgeable on these platforms. You said a Fox shock went bad, was it replaced with same brand/model/valving? I'm thinking shocks. Unless you're romping and thrashing it, the shocks should be smoothing...
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    Upgrading from a 1500 to a PW for the RamBox?

    The PW is off road capable. but that's about all. Lousy MPG, payload and towing capacity not the greatest, and rides like a log wagon. Can respring it and may be different shocks could improve ride somewhat, but it will never ride like a 1/2 ton, IMO.
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    Steering stabiliser question

    The OE damper is pretty good. Ditto above on the King. Could go hydra-assist as well, requires replacing the steering gearbox, unless you want to mod it to accept the hoses, and replace the damper with hydraulic cylinder. Dethloff MFG used to carry the kits but hasn't in some time. I assume...
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    New-to-market diff cover for 11.5 AAM (maybe)

    Did anyone catch the Motorhead Garage episode that aired on 03 APR 22? There was a featured diff cover for the 11.5 AAM axle and I can't recall the company or URL. It had an integrated, serviceable filter, sight glass, drain/fill plugs, sort of unique cooling design, etc. Gimmick or not, I...
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    2017 32 gallon tank

    Could run a piece of hose or tubing down the filler hose and see if hits a screen. Dropping the tank could be a major undertaking, IMO. Probably not an issue as the in-tank pump has a screen. Is the cap breaking up?
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    Headers for 18 6.4 hemi

    ARH, IIRC they have long tubes for 6,4L 2014 and up. Installation could be a PITA, depending on your aggravation threshold. Could lose warranty at any point if dealer can attribute failure to a mod. MMWA is not absolute.
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    How to determine what kind of lift/leveling kit my truck has?

    It does appear to be leveled. No spacer on front coil and I would assume at least the front springs have been changed. The rear shock is a stem type and does attach to frame and secured by a nut, PITA to get to as well. You'll have to make measurements of shocks at ride height and with the...
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    Cab lights

    OE marker lights turn on with parking or headlights. Assume they are incandescent. LED should not be a problem and I know of no issue with replacing the marker light incandescent bulb with a LED. Generally, use a colored LED to match the lens color, i.e. amber LED for amber lens, but white...
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    MPG with 35 inch tires

    If it's up/down, it's marginal. A lot of rolling/rotating mass, lousy MPG to start with. I'm running 35' Toyo C/Ts.
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    Annoying Steering wheel squeak

    I have the same symptom. It sounds like rubber squeaking on dry steel. Thought I'd spray some silicone lube down between the wheel and column but did not. I guess I'll have to pull the wheel and see if something is rubbing something.
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    Rim offset and backspacing to fit 37s

    I stand corrected.