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    FCA emissions recall 67A

    Just had mine done. No issues so far. However, 1 thing that the Service Advisor should absolutely tell you, is GET THE TRUCK SMOGGED FIRST!!! I did get the truck smogged before the PCM update. No problems. K Price - the problem you are having is whenever the computer is flashed, or even if...
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    Lowering rear and getting a better ride.

    Like posted, good shocks and proper tire pressure can help with ride. Softer springs will ride better but suffer when loaded. On my dually (leaf sprung) I swapped the whole rear suspension out to Kelderman air suspension. And lowered the rear a bit to match the front (reverse level). Night...
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    Hello all. I just installed the Titan 55gal tank in my 18 dually. I saw on another site where someone with an 18 indicated (post is 3 years old) it worked on their truck, but I see on here about 30 pages back where someone said it won't work. I have both VehConfig 3 and ECUConfig 4 set to...