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  1. clays laramie

    Pic request. 275/65/20 or 285/65/20 on stock wheels.

    Any more pics bud. Different angles would be nice.. Cheers
  2. clays laramie

    2021-1500 Rough county 3.5 lift-Tire Size Question

    You better be putting bags in if your going to tow with this setup. I would highly recommend doing a 4inch if towing a trailer..
  3. clays laramie

    Anyone done the big 3 yet?

    Just wondering what everyone picked to ground? Obviously power from alt to power on battery, negative on battery to a ground point on frame.. but what about the alt ground? Seems the alternator inls part of the engine case almost.. i would think its pretty well grounded there..
  4. clays laramie

    Hows everyone running there 1/0

    I got it to fit under the carpet in the front beside the plastic raceway and had to go through the raceway in the back. There was enough room as one of the channels is empty in the back seat area. But now my amp rack is too big.. going to have to rethink this.
  5. clays laramie

    12 inch Uconnect is junk

    Mine said "press to install update", on the screen everytime i shut my truck off.. finally pressed ok and it installed.. this is definitely new though as it never happened this way on my last 2 rams with the 8.4
  6. clays laramie

    Least intrusive sub install?

    Yes u can tap sub wires for signal but dosen't come without its own problems. Theres a rubber boot through the firewall above your pedals that gets u in. Under kickplates will work depending on what size wire your running. For 1 sub you should be fine. Problem with the sub signal is it rolls off...
  7. clays laramie

    Uconnect Update Today?

    Got my automatic update in Canada.. nice to not have to do the usb thing anymore
  8. clays laramie

    Hows everyone running there 1/0

    I think i will run it under the truck, supposedly there is a knock out already behind the rear driver seat for the etorque cables. My board is only 20x24.. should b good.. just waiting for warmer weather.
  9. clays laramie

    Hows everyone running there 1/0

    There should be enough room behind drivers rear for the amp and dsp. I might have to knotch the corner out
  10. clays laramie

    12 inch Uconnect is junk

    5months with my 12 and have had no issues. Its also much quicker to respond then my last 2 8.4s
  11. clays laramie

    Only on full screen?

    Have to swipe the gps screen and nav will come up. Pain in the ass because you have to do it every time u start the truck
  12. clays laramie

    Hows everyone running there 1/0

    Dont know whats up with the jpeg links.
  13. clays laramie

    Hows everyone running there 1/0

    Like the title says, im getting ready to start my install and am wondering how people are running the 1/0 cables? Ive had 3 previous rams and always have run under the door kick plates, but that was always #4 and it was tight. Now that im running 1/0 and installing 2 amps/dsp i think it may be...
  14. clays laramie

    Towing Break in? Whoah.

    Same.. 3 new rams in a row.. never had any issues.
  15. clays laramie

    Fox Box Fit?

    Thank you.... my buddy just bought a classic and we installed all my old 2017 ram sport parts that i pulled off b4 i traded for a 5TH GEN. Classics are 4th gens.. ram had way to may 4th gen parts kicking around, so instead of stockpiling old parts the slapped together 2019 4th gen classics and...
  16. clays laramie

    Fox Box Fit?

    The classics are 4th gens.. same as all 4th gens. Not 5th gens bud.. If u want real answers this is not your section, you will get much better results in the 4th gen section, which your truck is
  17. clays laramie

    Fox Box Fit?

    This is the 5th gen section, u have a 4th gen.
  18. clays laramie

    Ok... everyone has issues with their trucks! What is a good truck today?

    Does your 12 have the old 6 speed transmission? If it does that is huge jump in fuel. The new 8speeds are much better.. Ive had 4 rams now since 2010 and they were all nice, but thee new ones are amazing..
  19. clays laramie

    Love my 2019 Ram - Despise the electronics!

    12 inch and no problems.. but mine was built in may of this year. I know that the 12inch is more expensive in the 2020s, dont know if something changed. I love mine.
  20. clays laramie

    Mirror phones to factory radio.

    This is the 5th gen page
  21. clays laramie

    Best interfacing equipment for getting a clean signal

    Thanks bud. Exactly what i wanted to know. Cheers
  22. clays laramie

    Best interfacing equipment for getting a clean signal

    Was interested in this unit as well. Does your volume on the head unit still work? U say it plugs right in? After the anc/amp? Do u have the stock alpine system.. Thanks
  23. clays laramie

    REBEL Wheels on a 2019 Bighorn Comparison

    This is a canadian sport. Not a bighorn.
  24. clays laramie

    REBEL Wheels on a 2019 Bighorn Comparison

    I just wanted the lift regardless, got installed before i took delivery. I was planning on doing rims and tires at time of purchase but the dealers prices were ridiculous so i was going to walk away.. they called me next day and said they would swap the stock 20s for rebel rims and tires for...
  25. clays laramie

    REBEL Wheels on a 2019 Bighorn Comparison

    Heres mine.. sport with the mopar 2inch.